Top 10 Most Visited States In India By Tourists

Tourist states in India

Tourism is an industry that is said to be very profitable for a country, so is the case for India. Tourism is said to generate ₹16.91 lakh crore every year, this is almost 10 percent of India’s GDP. Since now that we know how important tourism is for India, let us look into the top 10 most visited tourist states in India.

1. Tamil Nadu

The first one up on the list is Tamil Nadu. The annual growth of the tourist industry here is 16 percent. Tourism here is promoted under the banner Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation (TTDC), which is completely handled by the government of Tamil Nadu. According to the 2015 reports, 4.68 million foreign tourists and 333.5 million domestic tourists had visited Karnataka during the following year. The tourism here is widespread due to the grand Hindu temples built in Dravidian architecture, and major hotspots include Nilgiri Mountain Railway, Brihadishwara Temple, Gangaikonda Cholapuram, and Airavatesvara Temple. 

2. Maharashtra

The major tourist coming to Maharastra are the domestic ones, whereas foreign tourists are mainly from the countries of the US, UK, Germany, and the UAE. One of the major reasons why people come visit Maharashtra its due to its cosmopolitan city, Mumbai. Mumbai is filled, with colonial architecture, beaches, movie industry, shopping, and beautiful nightlife. Another city that seems to attract a lot of crowds is Pune due to its cultural significance. 

3. Uttar Pradesh

Every year around 71 million people visit here due to its rich and vibrant culture, festivals, authentic monuments, and so much more. The state is home to three World Heritage Sites which, include the Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, and Fatehpur Sikri. Taj Mahal is the best contributor to the tourism of Uttar Pradesh. Another significant factor here is Religious tourism since the hub of tourism, Varanasi, is located here. 

4. Delhi

How can we not have our capital up here on the list, you will feel very proud to know that Delhi ranks as 28th-most visited city in the world and the first most visited by foreign tourists in India. Delhi is filled, with attraction from both the modern and ancient periods. Delhi too, has three UNESCO worth heritage sites including, Qutb Complex, Red Fort, and Humayun’s Tomb. Delhi has fine pieces of art of the Indo-Islamic architecture and also several religious sports. 

5. Rajasthan

Rajasthan is known to be visited by a total of 45.9 million domestic and 1.6 million foreign tourists, these numbers are of the year 2017. Each year the tourism in Rajasthan just keeps expanding, effectively. Rajasthan is popular for its culture colors, larger than life forts, and palaces, folk dances and music, local festivals, local food, sand dunes, beautiful temples, elegant Havelis, and so much more. The most attractive cities here include Jaipur, Udaipur, Ajmer, Jaisalmer, and Bikaner. 

6. West Bengal

West Bengal, is located in the eastern region of India, this state is rich in so many ways. Whether its the beautiful scenery, culture, religious significance, traces of British India, and so much more. The tourism here is operated by, WBTDCL a state-owned firm. The ambassador for the state tourism is none other than Shahrukh Khan, which has made its campaign extremely successful. 

7. Kerala

Kerala is known to be one of the paradises on earth due to its phenomenal natural beauty. The state has also made it one the National Geographic’s Traveller magazine’s 50 must-see destinations of a lifetime. Kerala has even dethroned the Taj Mahal from its position of being the number one travel destination in Google’s search trends for India. The state is full of the world’s most beautiful beaches, backwaters, lakes, mountains, waterfalls, ports, historic palaces, religious institutions, and wildlife sanctuaries, and so much more. 

8. Bihar

Bihar has a great amount of heritage with it, which includes ancient monuments, religious sites, and so much more. Its monuments are spread all over the state\ such as Sabhyata Dwar, Monuments of Darbhanga, remains of the ancient city of Vaishali, the tomb of Sher Shah Suri, and Barabar Caves. The education tourism here is also popular since many ancient universities are found here, such as Nalanda and Vikramashila. Each year around 24 million tourists come here, which is definitely huge. 

9. Karnataka

Karnataka is a state of variety since you can find so much variation here in terms of its geography and history. There is a bunch of sculptured temples, modern cities, scenic hill ranges, forests, and beaches here. The state has ranked second in the highest number of nationally protected monuments in India. There are 752 of those and let’s not forget to mention 25,000 other monuments that are yet to receive protection. 

10. Goa

Last but not least, we have here Goa, somewhere we all plan to go with our friends, Don’t we? The major amount of Tourism here is focused on the coastal areas of Goa. In the year 2010, more than 2 million tourists reported having visited the state. The prominent amount of the foreign population here includes Britons and Russians. Most people who come here are crazy part animals but let’s not forget to mention the excellent Portuguese heritage that lies here.