Top 10 Priceless Must-Have Accessories For Men


As compared to Women, Men have fewer options to style. Maybe because they are more conservative than them. Men’s wardrobe has been formed out of necessity and practicality, also whatever they have is so classy and adorable. They can be more stylish than women, just by wearing a classy watch or sunglasses.

So let’s have a look at this list of top 10 Accessories for men.


A watch is a portable timepiece, which is meant to be worn by a person. In today’s corporate world, if a man isn’t wearing a watch it seems his outfit is incomplete. A stylish branded watch can add up to their appearance and personality. Also, an expensive watch is a symbol of luxury. So basically if you are looking for the best accessory for man, here it is.


Ties are one of the best accessories a man could wear. People think ties are just for office wear, which is not true. Men can choose from a wide range of ties such as bow tie, ascot tie, string tie, and many more. Whether formal or casual, men can wear ties on any occasion. Also, ties can be an exotic gift for a man.


I have seen some guys having an obsession with belts. Belts are a common accessory, as it can be worn with both casuals and formals. It’s a little harder to differentiate between casual belts and formal belts. They have many choices in belts like leather belt, reversible belt, double side belt, and many more. Also, the Buckle has variations in its designs. Men usually choose belts over suspenders.


Who says men don’t wear Jewelry? They do have vital options in jewelry, especially in Rings.  Their ring designs are unique and not so complicated .i.e simple and classy. Nowadays men are going with the trend of wearing big stone rings, especially of dark colors. Formals and platinum ring goes hand in hand, also they have plenty of options to choose rings as per the occasion.


Wallets are simply an essential accessory for men. It is useful for anyone carrying currency with themselves. Men might not use bags, but they never forget to grab their wallets. They do spend a lot on buying a perfect wallet, which can match their style. Besides they have designer, branded, trendy and expensive options of wallets.


Sunglasses are most likely to be worn in summer. But now it is the most trending accessory all over the world, especially for men. They wear sunglasses on every occasion, mostly while driving. Every man admires himself wearing an expensive and classy Sunglasses behind the steering. Sunglasses are the basic accessory, which every man needs.


Hats are worn for various reasons, including protection from the weather, ceremonial reasons, and also as a fashion accessory. They have baseball caps, bucket caps, fedoras, snapback, and many more. Men’s hats are so versatile, functional, and stylish addition to any look. This is something, which makes men look much hotter.


Bracelet is an article worn around the wrist, often people misunderstand it as a bangle. Men can choose from a wide range of men’s bracelets such as gold, silver, brass, stacked, and many more. Black stacked bracelets are trending nowadays, also men prefer to wear bracelets with a watch , which seems very classy. In our Indian tradition men wear a “Kada”.

Pocket Squares

Designer Pocket Squares or Handkerchiefs are meant to be worn with suits. Wearing a pocket square with a conservative outfit can elaborate it looks. Pocket squares with material like silk, cotton, wool, linen remain the classics, along with blends to create different textures and weights. Plenty of newer and more fashionable designs of pocket squares are worn by men.


Bags are usually used for corporate purposes. For dressier and Sharper look men choose leather bags. Messenger bags are great and their cross-body strap are quite comfortable. Also, they can use a briefcase for more formal meetings. Men are moreover interested in buying branded leather bags, which looks luxurious.