Top 10 Must-have Basic Clothing Items For Girls

clothing for girls

Trends are ever-changing, and you cannot style your outfits without the basics. Sometimes, it’s all about the basics. As Don Draper once said, “make it simple, but significant”. We present to you the Top 10 Must-haves in your wardrobe best clothing options.

White Tee

A white tee is a staple for styling so many outfits. There are endless possibilities with it. You can style a white tee with classic blue jeans and sneakers and it is the chicest look ever. White tees look great with skirts, blazers, or even when worn under a dress. White tee supremacy only!


A classic skirt is something every woman must own. Be it an A-Line skirt or a wrap skirt. Skirts work best for office, party, casual outing, a picnic, literally everywhere.

Black dress

“One is never overdressed or underdressed in a little black dress.” – Karl Lagerfeld. Having a black dress in your wardrobe is important because it is full of class and it is timeless. There is probably no single item of clothing that is more useful than a black dress. Perfect for an office party, client meeting, ball party, dinner date, etc. You can wear a black dress anywhere you want and you can also play with textures and cuts.

Denim Jacket

Denim Jackets are a must if you want to get that classic look. You can style them with your favorite jeans, and a V-neck tee for a casual outing. For a more elegant look, add sandals and jewelry for the dinner dates. Denim jackets have a sweet, preppy vibe to them so you can wear them with a dress too.


Everyone must have an amazing pair of statement sunglasses. A pair of statement shades that are bold and retro looks eye-catching and can totally transform an outfit.


The scarf has become a trendy accessory. Draping a scarf can instantly transform your attire. Scarf tops were the biggest hit in 2020 and it is here to stay because they are so stylish. Scarf tops can be worn to parties, picnics, beaches, or for casual outings as well.

White Sneakers

White sneakers are on the same level as a white tee or black pants. They are very comfy, timeless, and look great with anything. Wear sneakers with joggers or with casual dresses. Not just on casual occasions, it can be styled with literally anything and will still look edgy.

Black Pants

Black pants can be worn at work, or at a party with a sexy halter neck top. Black pants give a silhouette effect and go from casual to chic to formal in no time. Well, you can go for skinny black jeans or trousers but I’d say wide-legged jeans are in trend these days so better hop onto the trend.

Statement Heels

Every girl needs classic, statement heels. From weddings to dates to jobs, you’ll need them everywhere. Look for simple styles and 2-4 inch medium heels. My favorite statement heels look is wearing a tank top with a pencil skirt.


Blazer is the ultimate piece of clothing that can transform any casual look into a stylish, sleek sophisticated outfit. Wear it to work over a dress to make it look more professional or pair it with jeans and a tee to add a chic edge to a casual outfit. Look for a blazer that has some shaping through the back as it will define your waist a little more.

“You gotta have style. It helps you get down the stairs. It helps you get up in the morning. It’s a way of life. Without it, you’re nobody. I’m not talking about lots of clothes.” —Diana Vreeland