Top 10 Must-Have Classy T-Shirt Styles

t-shirt styles

T-shirts are always the most comfortable go-to clothing type. They look good on everyone and can be paired, easily. But you need to make sure you have the right one with yourself. So here are the top 10 T-shirt styles you must have to make your wardrobe perfect. 

1. Plain T-shirt

Plain t-shirts are considered to be one of the most basic kinds of t-shirt which, they are characterized by plain color without any major designs. They come in every sleeve style and are suitable for both men and women. They are a great choice for layering since they are simple, and make any outfit look classy. It is a must-have for every closet because it is versatile enough to go with dressy or casual clothes, and they can be worn, for a wide variety of occasions.

2. Embellished T-shirts

Embellished t-shirts are those that are decorated, with something other than ink. It can be worn by, any gender but, it is more popular, among women. The decorations used here are bows, sparkles, lace, rhinestones, and even studs. Some of them even spell out words and form pictures, and they are known to be very casual or elegant in nature. Make sure to buy them from a reputable manufacturer, cause many times they come loose.

3. Graphic T-shirts

The graphic T-shirt is the one that has an image of some type printed onto the fabric. Another extremely popular piece for both men and women, and especially with teenagers and young people. Band and concert T-shirts are the perfect example of a graphic Tees, and most of them even have their merchandise with band logos, lyrics, or even tour dates. 

4. Full-sleeves T-shirts

Full or long sleeves t-shirt extend to your wrist, and most of them are cut in a straight line but are neither too tight nor too loose. A perfect everyday outfit but not that good for cold days since they are still made just like any other T-shirt, which means they are not very thick or warm. You can pair them with a variety of other clothes, so a huge scope for experimentation. If you are someone who doesn’t like experimenting then just wear them with plain black jeans pair and you will be all set to go!

5. Raglan sleeves T-shirts

Raglan sleeves t-shirt is a “type” of t-shirt, not something to do with the length of the sleeves. They are even called baseball T-shirts because they are often used in baseball uniforms. In most of the Reglan t-shirts, the color of the bodice, and the sleeve are different. They will give you a sporty look plus they are very comfortable, something you must definitely try. 

6. Sleeveless t-shirt

First, let me tell you that tanktop and sleeves t-shirt are two completely different things the commonality here is that they leave your shoulders bare, but still have some type of strap, usually a wide one. An excellent choice during summers and also for layering. Men’s sleeveless t-shirt is often called muscle shirts, while for women, there can be subdivided into various other styles such as cami top, tank top, and much more. 

7. Three-quarter sleeves t-shirt

Three-quarter sleeves t-shirt can be worn by, any gender but, they are primarily worn by, women. This one has sleeves that fall below the elbow but not to the wrist, meaning they fit three-quarters of the way down your arm. Also known by the names Dolman or Batwing sleeve. You can wear them anywhere you want and even layer them over T-shirts with shorter sleeves if you like.

8. V-neck T-shirt

As the name suggests, the V-neck t-shirt has a V-shaped neckline. They give us a little more space and provides for a more stylish neckline than the standard round neckline. They are available in different sizes, with some of the “Vs” being very low-cut and others cut very high. If you want to opt for a sexy look, try out the deep neck V cut. Men too can wear them, but honestly, they are not as popular or as easy to find as V-necks for women.

9.Cap Sleeves t-shirt

Another one, for only the lovely ladies out there, they have a very unique kind that covers only the top part of the shoulder but don’t go under or around your arm. They will make you look slimmer, definitely something every woman desires. An ideal choice to wear during a picnic, a brunch, or a girls’ night out.

10. Jersey Knit/Stockinette t-shirt

There are various kinds of Knit t-shirt available in the market, but they are usually a single-knit variety made of one flat side and one piled side. They are amazingly stretchy and comfortable, so will be a double-knit t-shirt. You must wear them to glam yourself up while being able to breathe freely.