Top 10 Must-Have Jeans For Women; A Guide!

jeans for women

I don’t need to explain to you how important jeans are for everyone’s wardrobe, be it, girl or boy. But today we are going specifically for the ladies, here we have for your top 10 must-have jeans for girls out there.

1. Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans are something that can never go wrong, a pair of skinny black jeans practically goes with everything we own. As the name suggests, the skinny jeans are made, to snuggle you up, so ideal if you love showing off your legs. Most opted option for most of the girls, they are usually found to be stretchy and come in various kind of cuts, so you have various options to choose from. They will even let you feel comfortable, so no reason why you shouldn’t be wearing these.

2. Boyfriend jeans

No, it doesn’t mean you must steal your boyfriend’s pair, they are named so because they are baggy and loose. When you wear them, it seems like you are wearing your boyfriend’s pair, now you know where the name comes from. Ideal for those who have thick thighs also, avoid wearing it if you are short in height because it will make you feel even shorter.

3. Straight jeans

Straight jeans, also known as Cigarette jeans, are great alternatives for work pants. They are straight and narrow, which makes them different from your regular skinny jeans and that they do not cover your ankles and fall just above them. They provide a perfect fit for your curves, so if you want to flaunt them, this is something you must wear.

4. Bootcut jeans

Bootcut jeans were mostly worn in the 60s and 70s, they have recently entered backed into the trend. A perfect choice for almost every body type, so you do not have to worry about anything. Their biggest advantage is they will make you look a bit taller than you are. They are wider towards the bottom that will give you a disfigured look. Try pairing them with high heels for an even better look.

5. Flare jeans

Another one that was originally worn during the olden days, but they have initially found its way back into the mainstream fashion. They will give you a vintage look, so a must-have for your wardrobe. They have a wide opening starting from the knees to ankle, very similar to bootcut jeans. They are very well fitted above the knees, to make your flare fairly visible, a fantastic outfit option when paired with a turtleneck sweater.

6. Jeggings

As the name suggests, Jeggings is the combination of jeans and leggings, and to be very honest, the most comfortable piece of clothing you will come across. They are basically like denim leggings that can be easily stretched and will give you a perfect fit. Very easy to wear and pair, so bring on the fashionista inside you.

7. Low rise jeans

Low rise jeans, also popularly known as low waist jeans, they have hit the fashion industry with a bang. They can be seen everywhere, unlike others, they start a few inches below the belly button, and they look excellent for those who have a well-defined waist. They do something all of us always desire, they fit your natural waistline and cover your belly fat, which is always a plus!

8. Capri jeans

Capri jeans aren’t just limited, for the kids, they are a huge part of adult fashion too. All you must learn is to learn to style them up efficiently. An ideal way to beat the summer heat with modern style and fashion. So wear them and flaunt your pretty legs and go have fun carefree with the perfect fashion.

9. Ripped jeans

Probably every one of us knows what they are since they are extremely trendy in today’s time. Remember the days when we used to throw away the jeans that got torn, and now its time when we purposely tear them up. They are super famous and everyone’s favorite pair, and we can see the ripped portion towards the thighs, at the back, in front, one leg, whole leg, and so much more. So buy one of these and get on the stylish bandwagon!

10. Patchwork jeans

As you can understand by the name itself, Patch’s work jeans are an amazing way of styling up your old pair of jeans. You can buy them from the store or make one for yourself at home. All you will have to do is DIY them by pinning the patches temporarily or stitching or gluing them to your denim. There are various other ways of doing it, so decide according to what suits you the best. And trust me, they are something you will immediately fall in love with!