Top 10 Amazing Must-Have Shoes For Men; A guide!


Who says women are the only ones that get to enjoy a fine pair of footwear? There is no greater joy than the feel of slipping on a fresh pair of shoes for a man. None. Not even finding extra chicken nugget in the meal box! The root of every great attempt begins at the feet. A man can carry the earth on his shoulders, but the shoes carry the man. That is why a fitting selection of footwear is of the utmost importance and exactly this is the reason we have brought the top 10 types of shoes for men.


Not restricted to winter, though they’re the only footwear suited for freezing weather. Boots are a type of footwear that completely conceal the feet and may reach to the ankles or the middle part of the calf. Boots are one of the most fashionable shoes due to it having different styles and types depending upon the usage and occasion. Cowboy boots DO NOT COUNT.


Brogues are shoes or boots which are made from high-quality leather with a low heel which is normally worn for formal events. Brogues will usually have small holes along the side and the top of the shoe to give this shoe a fancy look.


Derbys are identified by the style of the holes for the laces being sewn on top of the vamp. They are meant to be worn when hunting and when playing any sport. In today’s time, it can be carried for semi-casual and semi-formal occasions.


Flip-flopping on the edge between casual and formal, loafers are truly a fancier boat shoe. Loafers are slip-on footwear designed just like mocassin. Their heel is low and they are lace-less. They started with being informal shoes but now they are very popular with formal suits. You should wear these shoes without socks but if you have to wear socks then NEVER go with black socks.


Ah, A loafer look-alike but not quite. Mocassin was originally made from deerskin and was normally worn by the people of regional Americans. In the present day, moccasins have a soft interior usually made from felt. They either have laces or are slip-on which covers half of the foot. Embellished with tassels, beads, and gluttony of hand-drawn designs, moccasins are acknowledged in the unconventional department.

Monk shoe

Monk shoes are a formal shoe with no lace. They are also named as monk straps. Usually worn for formal functions, these shoes are characterised as the “most exceptional” formal shoes for men.


Oxfords are formal shoes and are the epitome of footwear royalty. Originating from Scotland and Ireland, these were created from leather and in the modern-day, laces of these shoes were made from different materials including faux and genuine leather. Black and brown are the most popular colours due to their versatility.  


Sandals are normally open-toed footwear with bands to keep the foot in place. Since the sandal keeps most of the feet opened, many people prefer to wear these in warmer climates to keep their feet comfortable. They are also worn for their comfort and are also favoured by many as they cost lesser than close-toed shoes.


Finish off your casual outfit with a pair of oh-so-easy sneakers to balance your jeans and t-shirt. Sneakers are informal/casual shoes which can have a diversity in patterns and colours. Often sneakers will have laces and low-tops but there are some sneakers which are available with high-tops too. Well, you can find converse, they are a type of sneaker which comes in both variations of high-tops and low-tops. A tip- simpler the shoes, the better they look.


If you want reliability, sexy visuals, lightweight comfort, and edgy footwear technology, you can never go wrong with a pair of Trainers. They have so many different names, it gets hard to keep track. Also called sports shoes, gym shoes, athletic shoes or runners, are the same shoes. These types of shoes are used for physical activities like sports or exercising. Due to its comfort, it has grown popular as casual and everyday wear. Trainers are, and will eternally be, the easiest selection to keep your feet on the ground.