Top 10 Must-Have Watches For Men And Women!


Watches have become much more than just a time-telling device. It is more of a fashionable accessory, therefore it has become essential to have every exclusive type of watch in your closet. Here is a list of the top 10 must-have watches.

1. Analog Watch

Analog watch or Analogue watch is the most basic and classic type of watch to exist. They have a miniature clock-face with 12 hours, an hour hand, and a minute hand, some of this kind also have a second hand. There are analog watches with traditional numbers as well as Roman numerals. Most of the analog watches have tiny marks that represent the 60 minutes in an hour.

2. Digital Watch

Digital watches are more of a high-tech version of watches. They have a tiny screen on them that displays the time digitally. They have hours, minutes, and sometimes seconds that are indicated by digits, rather than by hands on a dial. Digital watches are also available in various shapes. When you wear them you surely add up a cool factor onto your outfit, but it somewhere takes away the authenticity of a classic watch.

3. Automatic watch

An automatic watch is again a gift of technology to mankind. They continue to operate through the regular motion of the wearer’s wrist. Automatic watches do not need much of maintenance as they function on their own. Their energy is stored, by using a half-disc metal weight, called a rotor, that keeps spinning when the arm moves. This energy is used by the watch, which can keep them going at night, or while the watch, isn’t being worn. When unworn, these watches can keep moving for 24 to 48 hours. They are also known by the name, Self-Winding Watch.

4. Dress watch

If you love being fashionable, this one surely has to be a part of your watch collection. These one are the most elegant ones on this list. They are very less complicated than the rest, since the only thing they do is tell time. What makes them elegant, this their design, which is simple yet attractive. They aren’t gaudy, or huge they, are subtle and charming. They aren’t much suitable with a casual outfit instead, a perfect choice for jacket and tuxedo.

5. Chronograph watch

Chronograph is a much fancier version of a stopwatch. Using a chronograph watch is very simple. You just have to press the start/stop button, which is located at the side of the watch. We can start or stop the stopwatch using the button and push the bottom button to reset back to zero. The chronograph function is available only on Chrono watch dials, so it lets you time races and events.

6. Mechanical watch

A mechanical watch functions through certain mechanisms to measure the passage of time, unlike the modern quartz watches which, usually functions electronically. It is driven, by a spring called a mainspring, which has to wound periodically. This makes the ‘ticking’ sound similar to all other mechanical watches.

7. Diving watch

Also known by the name Dive or Diver’s watch, this one is a must-have for all the divers out there, so you guys can now swim in style. Diving Watch has the unique underwater diving features that make your watch water resistance, up to 100 m (330 ft). Some of these watches have water resistance, even up to 200 to 300 m (660 to 980 ft). Modern technology surely allows the creation of diving watches that can go much deeper into the oceans.

8. Quartz watch

A quartz watch is powered, by a device called the electronic oscillator that is synchronized by a quartz crystal. The electric current makes the quartz inside the watch to pulsate with a precise frequency. Later this frequency is broken down through an integrated circuit. The power is released, through a small stepping motor which sets the watch hands in motion. Quartz watches needs more battery replacement compared to other watches.

9. Pilot watch

This one right here is specially made to grace the wrist of pilots. These pretty aviation timepieces are an excellent fusion of style and durability. From the Fortis Aviatis collection to squadron watches, pilot watches are everywhere, since they are tough and ready for everything. They are also known by the name Aviator Watch.

10. Smartwatch

Let us end this list with the most trendiest watch of today’s generation, the smartwatch. They are surely much more than just a time-telling device. They are portable devices that, are designed to be worn on the wrist, just like any other traditional watch. Smartwatches are a combination of watches and smartphones. Smartwatches have in them touchscreens, support apps, and often record heart rate and other vital signs.