Top 10 Must-Haves For A Gamer


In today’s list, we will be looking at the Top 10 Must-haves for a gamer. These things mentioned here are Must haves if you are a gamer like Carry Minati. Whether you are into first-person shooters or Strategy games or any other format of games having these things handy is a plus point.

1. High-quality headset

If your teammates won’t stick in that crucial fight. It might be because they are not able to hear you over that cheap headset you bought on sale years ago. A high-quality headset with a premium quality microphone makes sure that audio quality can never be a problem, and you might get a few other benefits, depending on the model you get.

2. Mousepad

Your mouse is super important but so it the surface it runs on. A good mousepad is an important, even necessary accessory for every PC gamer. I recommend getting a mousepad that is big enough that you never have to worry about dragging your mouse off the surface mid-game. You get to keep your desk nice and clean and have plenty of room for “mousing”.

3. Controller

I know, I like WASD too. However, there’s no denying that some games just feel better with a controller, it’s because of how they’re designed, or the quality of the PC port. I’m looking at you, Dark Souls. You must have a controller, even if you only use it rarely, so when the time comes, you’ll be glad you have it.

4. Desk fan

For those very long gaming sessions that you have during the extremely warm summer nights, this Desk fan will keep you and your room and pc nice and cool. Especially when your PC is chucking out tons of warm air right at your feet!

5. Portable hard drive

If you have a load of games to store on your PC or you just have a lot of stuff on your pc and you wish to save it and not burden your pc one of these is a must-have. You can also share all the data it has with anyone you wish.  Now a day’s Portable hard drive is a thing you should have.

6. Gaming chair

If you are a true gamer and spend many hours your chair should be a good one not just for your comfort but also for your posture and overall health. There are many highly rated but also a decently priced gaming chair. Being able to comfortably sit at one place for hours on end is key and these chairs will make sure you can do exactly that.

7. Headset holder

This is the key to keeping your desk neat and tidy and also making sure your headset doesn’t get damaged. You can of course fit more than one on here so if you have a spare set of headphones or have multiple gaming setups next to each other than this is a must-have for you.

8. Air canister

This is for cleaning your keyboard and to maintain hygiene. To get your keyboard out of all of those crumbs and also to safely clean out any dust from inside your PC case. A must for and PC gamers out there.

9. Cable Management Sleeve

Bad cable management is a sign for an unorganized gamer and it is enough to set anyone’s teeth on edge. These are to make sure that all your cables are all in complete order and won’t cause any problems with getting knotted into each other. These are also great if you have pets who like to get themselves caught in wires or like to play and chew on them. Keep your pets safe and your computer super safe.

10. Gaming Desk

Take a good look at your “desk.” Is it Grandma’s old, rickety card table, or some random stuff which you surely can’t call a desk With the huge amount of time you spend sitting at your desk gaming or binge-watching a show you must upgrade your desk. Take a look at our roundup of computer desks, and find one you like. Personally, I’m a fan of a desk that can hold a huge monitor and a full-sized mechanical keyboard but doesn’t overdo it.