Top 10 Myths About Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva

Har Har Mahadev! Lord Shiva is also known as “The destroyer”, “Mahakal”, “The Lord of the lords” and so on. Lord Shiva has 108 names but the emotions that derive from all those names remain the same. He has infinite power, he is the one in-charge of people on earth, more like the one who takes care of everybody and a problem solver when a dispute occurs between gods. Most of us believe that we know everything about Shiv Ji but most of the information we know is myths. Well, let’s get your facts right and clear out some myths about Lord Shiva.

1. Shiva has only 2 kids

shiv ji and kids

It is said that Lord Shiva has only 2 kids, Known as- Kartikey and Ganesh. But, that is untrue. Shiva had 8 children and they were- Andhak, Ayyapan, Ashoksundari, Jyoti, Jalandhar, Mansa, Ganesh (Vinayak), and Kartikey. Myth busted?

2. Symbol of destruction

Yes, Mahadev is known as the symbol of destruction but he is also a symbol of calmness. Fun fact: The snake around his neck AKA SarpRaj also strengthens a sense of tranquillity and harmony.

3. Ganga was Shiva’s second wife

It is usually mistaken that Ganga is Shiva’s second wife, which is untrue. Though, it is said that Ganga was in love with Shiva but did not receive the right as his wife because Shiva is wedded to only one soul, Shakti.

4. Shiva: A cold-hearted man

Shiv is said to have a cold-heart, who is very tough but in actuality he is known as “Bholenaath” which mean he was sweet, sensitive, naive and innocent.

5. Shiva is supreme, the only one with all the power

Shiva is known as the god of destruction, the only one who has supreme powers and so on, which is kind of true but there is more to it. All his powers were derived from goddess Parvati, his wife, his SHAKTI.

6. Angry man portrayal

It is said in all the books and shown in all the new age TV series that Shiva is angry all the time but in reality; he is considered as the most innocent god, a ideal father and a loving and respecting husband. He is more of a dedicated man, because of his love for his wife Parvati also known as Adi Parashakti and also because he helped everyone who worshiped him.

7. A complete man

Shiva is believed to be a complete man but the truth is: he is incomplete without his wife, who gives him all her powers and completes his form that is known as “Ardhnareshwar”.

8. Shiva consumes Cannabis or Ganja

People believe that Lord Shiva smoked ganja but that is false information. The actual story is: at the time of ‘Samundra Manthan’, a deadly poison named ‘Halahal’ was found, which was so destructive that it could end the entire being/world/creation. To avoid that from happening, Lord Shiva drank the whole poison on his own, and later to cool down the poisonous heat in him, gods offered him bhang (cannabis). So, before you smoke in the name of Mahadev or try to copy him, get your facts right!

9. Shiva has 2 wives

People believe that Lord Shiva has 2 wives known as Sati and Parvati, which is untrue. Because Parvati is the resurrection of Sati and hence both of their presence is actually one who is called as “Shakti”.

10. Shiva is Known for his faulty decisions

This is kind of true but and Shiva did take faulty decisions when angry or unconscious, but all his thoughts and steps had meanings. For example- The birth of Matsya Parvati by Shiva’s curse was needed so that Goddess Durga comes into existence and kills Mahishasur, one of the most dangerous, ruthless, and powerful demon ruling the underworld also known as “पाताल लोक “