Top 10 Queen Songs Everybody Is Crazy For

QUEEN songs

If you have watch Bohemian Rhapsody, you already have known what queen songs are, and if you haven’t watched the movie yet, I urge you to do so. Their songs will force you to groove on the beats, without a doubt one of the most diverse, eclectic, and wide-ranging bands that have earned so many hearts. They have launched various songs and albums but, it’s very difficult to understand which among them is the best. So here are the top 10 queen songs people love!

1. Bohemian Rhapsody

There shouldn’t even be an argument, this one has to be on the top, hands down. Bohemian Rhapsody is a multi-part epic, that is uniquely created, with razor blades on the state of the art machinery, and now it is known to be universally accepted as their masterwork. This track consists of six completely different sections that will blow your mind, and even the video was equally groundbreaking.

2. We will rock you

We will rock you totally deserves to be on this list because it is one of the best track Queen has given the world. This one is the living, breathing, audio representations of motivation and victory is, something that, truly understands sports. If you ever wondered what baseball, basketball, hockey and football players listen to after 1977, well you know the secret now.

3. Another one bites the dust

Another one bites the dust, is a bit special because here is where Queen bassist John Deacon steps into the spotlight. He has recorded nearly all the instruments for this disco-rock classic taking it to a whole another level. Here the menacing low groove of the song is paired with one of his most impassioned and fiery vocal performances creating a masterpiece.

4. Under pressure

For Under pressure the Queen has teamed up with the art-rock hero David Bowie, and together they have created a song that is infectious, sturdy and undeniable. When you hear this, I bet you couldn’t stop praising them, since it is one of the most heinous and large-scale assaults on musical good taste to be ever invented.

5. Fat bottomed girls

There isn’t much to say about Fat bottomed girl since no one can clearly explain how is it so appealing and gorgeous. Once you start hearing this, you couldn’t resist but dive into this classic music and start shaking that booty of yours. So get your sexist pair of clothes on, close the door, play this track and get the diva inside you on the floor!

6. Crazy little thing called love

There is an interesting story behind the creation of Crazy little thing called love, it was written by Freddie Mercury by a 10-minute flash of inspiration, using his rare guitar skills that creates a rockabilly number worthy of Elvis Presley himself. This track can be described, as a simple piece of down-the-middle rockabilly revivalism that will, without a doubt, give you an Elvis Presley feedback.

7. Somebody to love

Somebody to love demonstrates the range and diversity of Queen’s music that is quite different from that of the rock world. This fact was proved by various artists now and, even then, this track was something the broadway stars loved since it perfectly fitted their style. If you are a Queen fan, this track will surely set your vibe, taking you back to the classic queen days.

8. Killer queen

Queen has set out two records that largely focused on hard, and progressive rock, but later they decided to break the mainstream music with this ode from their third album. The track features a jaunty piano part along with healthy doses of the multi-tracking and vocal harmonizing method that has now become a major part of their signature sound.

9. Tie your mother down

Tie your mother down was launched after the Queen had confirmed their international super-stardom in the mid-’70s with their more ornate and poppish songs. With this track, the Queen could prove that they could still bring the riffs. For this, they have combined the assault of those early records with their newfound studio wizardry that leads to the creation of one of the best music ever heard.

10. Stone cold crazy

Stone cold crazy is a kind of track that is simple, energetic, childish and exhilarating. It is one of the classic rock things that never slows down. The track has so much going on from super speedy lyrics to guitars and how can we forget the drum lines. So if you haven’t listened to this or any one of the following, you surely must because this is some out of the ordinary artist that are born once in an era.