Top 10 Shocking Harry Potter Moments

Harry potter

Hello Potterheads. You all must have had your moments while seeing the Harry Potter series or by reading its books. That very moment you guys must have fallen into the magical world of Harry Potter. That’s what binds us fans into a family. Here is a list of amazing Harry potter moments for all fans to relate, and recollect their moments.

When Quirrell took off his turban

Ahh! the moment of the ultimate terror from the Sorcerer’s Stone when Professor Quirrell untied his turban and reveals Voldemort who parasites in his body. That flows a chill through your spine. Here’s a quick backstory for those who are new to our wizardry world- as Voldemort drank the unicorn’s blood, he gained half immortality, thus he needed a body for himself.

When Harry Potter and Ron flew the Weasleys’ car to get to Hogwarts

That epic scene from the Chamber of Secrets, when our favorite duo of besties rides a magical car to get to school. I know that’s not possible now but it surely does in the wizardry world. Surely the boys get scolded as a lot of muggles, that is, normal people spot them and they also have a very fatal ride to reach the school.

When we found out Tom Riddle was Voldemort

Ya, this was actually a shocker scene from the Chamber of Secrets. Who thought that this handsome boy from the past would be Voldemort. Harry discovers the chamber of secrets where he meets Tom Riddle, a ghost from the past with whom he was talking through a magical diary.

When Dobby was freed

What a moment of joy! This scene from the Chamber of Secrets was the beginning of the bond between Harry and the house-elf Dobby. In this scene, we come to know that dobby is the house-elf of the Malfoys. He is treated badly, thus Harry with his wits frees him from the claws of Lucius Malfoy by giving him a sock.

When we found out Peter Pettigrew was Scabbers

Who wondered that Ron’s ugly rat whom he keeps losing every time, will be Peter Pettigrew in disguise. This scene from the Prisoner of Azkaban is an ultimate eye-opener. That is the reason why Harry keeps seeing Peter Pettigrew on the marauder’s map, which he thinks is faulty. He also comes to know about the fact that Peter Pettigrew was the one who frames Sirius into the crime of murder.

When Sirius Black turned out to be good

This surely must have made you cry. This scene from the Prisoner of Azkaban introduces Harry to his godfather. He comes to know that Sirius never wanted to murder him in the first place. Sirius was framed in the crime because of Peter Pettigrew and was sent to Azkaban. But in the end, Harry frees him from the title of the murderer.

When Lupin turned into a werewolf

Hermione, the smartest, guessed this thing, and she was absolutely right about that. So does Professor Snape. In the prisoner of Azkaban when Lupin, Sirius, and Peter confront each other, Lupin turns into a werewolf as the full moon rises. The werewolf Lupin is very dangerous and attacks anyone in his path even if they are his own students, so beware!

When Hermione entered the Ball with Viktor Krum

This scene surely makes everyone fall in love with Hermione. Who thought that the book worm Hermione will enter the yule ball with Victor Krum. The Goblet of Fire presents us with a completely different Hermione who is beautiful, graceful, and can make anyone go crazy for her. This scene sprouts the seed of love in Ron’s heart as he gets jealous of seeing them dance.

When Harry saw the backstory about his father and Snape in his Occlumency lesson

This was a complete blow for the fans as well as Harry. The James Potter who we always imagined as a gentleman, bullied snape when they were studying back at Hogwarts. He was shocked and understood why Snape hates James Potter so much. This scene from the Order of the Pheonix is the beginning of events in the past life of Severus Snape that people are unaware of.

When Snape was murdered by Nagini

I am sure this scene from the Deathly Hallows Part 2 must be very heartbreaking for all the fans. That very moment all the hatred for snape flowed down into tears. This moment shows the love of snape for Lily and his untold love and protection for harry. It showed how Harry was saved by Snape since his very first year.