Top 10 Shocking Things Considered As Lucky


We live in a chaotic and unsure world where anything can happen, and it doesn’t hurt to be a little superstitious. We all have strange beliefs, from American Football fans wearing unwashed jerseys on their team match to dreading a Friday the 13th. Sometimes, it’s not about the belief itself but the confidence we get from it. Be it your birthstone or a coin you found on the first day of kindergarten, having something that you believe brings you luck is always good. Here are ten things that are considered to bring you luck!

Rabbit’s Foot

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This belief is said to have originated from a Celtic tribe that believed rabbits were holy creatures. Since rabbits burrow deep into the ground, the tribes believed they were more in touch with gods and spirits than humans. Some African American voodoo traditions believe in rabbits being lucky. From these traditions, it is believed that rabbits’ feet are lucky. They are stuffed, dyed and hung in a keychain. People say that if you keep it in your hand and rub it, it brings you good luck.

Evil-eye beads

You might have seen lockets, keychains or amulets in the shape of an eye. It is usually seen in a dark blue circle, with the eye being a black pupil in white. Even though these appear in many other variations, it originates in Turkey as the Nazar Boncugu. This belief exists even in India that if you have something, like a good car, people might look at the car and get jealous, thus casting the ‘evil eye’ on it. So, people usually have this amulet that attracts people’s attention and wards off the evil eye. It is usually hung in prominent places so that people look at the scary eye pendant and don’t look at your possessions and get jealous.


The number seven is considered the best in many cultures. Even in sports, the number seven is given to the key players like Cristiano Ronaldo or M.S. Dhoni. This is usually associated with the Greeks, as they believed seven was the perfect number. It is the sum of a triangle (three sides) and a square (four sides), both of which were perfect shapes. There are also seven colours in the rainbow, seven days a week and so on. People usually carry around a locket with seven on it or even seven small crystals to bring them good luck.


People worldwide know the Swastika as the symbol of supremacist groups, but its use in the Indian subcontinent, where it originated, has different meanings. The swastika is painted in houses, during ceremonies and in welcome carpets to bring good fortune and well being to everyone who sees it. It is a common sight in India and Indonesia. Painted as a cross with hooks, the Swastika is a good luck charm and a holy symbol in the Hindu religion. It can often be found in temples and other religious sites.


Dream Catchers have caught a lot of attention in popular culture nowadays, and almost everybody has them above their beds or over their windows. A dreamcatcher is said to catch bad dreams and keep the person below it from getting them. It is believed to bring personal happiness and luck, as all negativity is removed from their life. Plus, it looks aesthetic with its webby structure and feathers.

Carp Scales

Carp is a very common fish that is consumed all over the world. In certain parts of Europe, there is a tradition that a carp dinner is a must during Christmas Eve. But this tradition goes further than that. Countries like Poland, Germany, and Austria keep the carp alive in their homes, in a bowl or the tub, till Christmas eve. After the carp dinner, the scales of the fish are kept by the family. It is usually even carried around in wallets, as it is believed that it will bring them luck till the next Christmas.

Four-leaf clover

Four-leaf clovers are very rare, and only one in 10,000 plants have this lucky leaf. For this reason, finding a four-leaf clover is considered one of the luckiest things in the world. This belief originated from the Celts, who believed that four-leaf clovers would help them see fairies. Some legends also believe that since these leaves are rare, they foretell luck, fame, wealth and love for the beholder. Even today, it is really hard to find a four-leaf clover, and people usually stick to crafting them. There are many clover varieties with four leaves, but the four-leaf from the white clover plant is the luckiest.


You can see many houses all over the world, which have horseshoes as part of their décor. Usually hanged from doors or walls, they create ambience and are a lucky charm. One belief is that since they are made of iron, mischievous fairies stay away from it since iron burns them. Another is that Saint Dunstan, a historical figure from the 10th century, nailed a horseshoe to the devil’s foot. Saint Dunstan only removed it once the devil promised to stay away from any house that had a horseshoe in its door. Hence, Horseshoes are considered very lucky as they ward off evil spirits and are always in style.


Gambling has made and broke the fortune of a lot of people in the history of the world. Since almost all gambling is done using dice, it is only natural that they are a lucky charm. It became more popular after World War II. During that time, fighter pilots who went into their missions with terrible odds would often carry lucky charms like their favourite dice with them. This became a fad after the war where fuzzy dice were made to be hung in the rearview mirrors of cars. Besides this, serious gamblers also usually have their pair of dice, which they believe bring them luck. However it is used, dice represent chance and luck.

Lucky Coin

It is always considered good luck when you find a coin in the street. It is famously believed that your day will go perfect if you do so. People usually carry around the coins they found as children in the street and believe they bring them good luck. If you ever find a coin in the street with its head side up, then you might consider keeping it in your purse or wallet because it is bound to bring you some luck.