Top 10 Shocking Yet Craziest Conspiracy Theories

conspiracy theories

The internet can be a crazy place, especially at a time like this when the world is going whacko over the pandemic. There is a lot of false information and wild theories spread out on the web and you could fall right into one of them. So, my dear truth seekers, let us set out to uncover some of the most unhinged theories that people believe in and are quite popular on the internet. 

CERN Ended Our World In 2012

Many theories are surrounding the European Organization for Nuclear Research but this is the most popular one. It is believed that the CERN created the Boson or God particle which resulted in the formation of a black hole that ended our world and sucked us into an alternate reality and we haven’t realized it yet. However, this could not have happened because CERN is not capable of producing the enormous amount of energy required to create such a particle. Other theories state that the organization is trying to open a portal to Hell using the Large Hadron Collider or that this Collider is one of the seven seals of the Apocalypse that when opened will unleash hell upon us. Crazy, right? 

The Earth might be hollow!

There is a theory that states this! It was proposed in the 17th century by the famous English astronomer Edmond Halley who even has a comet named after him. According to him, the earth might be hollow because of its changing magnetism. In 2014, a group of scientists discovered more than three times more water under the earth’s surface than can be found on the oceans. However, it was in the form of a rock now known as ringwoodite which is 435 miles below the surface. Because of this, people started believing that the earth is indeed hollow and there might even be some ancient civilizations living below us, and the way to access it would be via a secret entrance at the North and South poles!

No One Has Ever Actually Landed On The Moon

This is one of the most popular and craziest conspiracy theories. People believe that the 1969 landing on the moon was fake and that Neil Armstrong never really stepped on the moon. It all started with a book – We Never Went to the Moon: America’s Thirty Billion Dollar Swindle published by Bill Kaysing in 1976. The book contained direct accusations that the landing was faked because the chances of a successful landing were only at 0.0017% and it would have been easier to fake it. Even if there was compelling proof that the Apollo mission was a hoax, conspiracy theorists must account for subsequent moon flights, man-made artifacts left on the moon, the numerous extraterrestrial rocks studied and tested, and astronauts’ personal opinions.

Other than this, other theories state that man never really went to space because the photographs taken of astronauts have no stars or other celestial objects in their background. This is false because astronauts have white suits and the stars are too faint that is quite bright in space and for this reason, they are required to use short shutter speeds and large f/stops so that the picture is not overexposed and because of these camera settings, the stars are not visible. 

The Moon isn’t Real 

If the previous theory wasn’t good enough, this one will surely shock you. It’s not clear where this theory originated from but it surely is pretty wild. There are some people like Dave Marsh who actively support this theory. Well, he also believes that the earth is flat. According to him, the moon is simply a projection that was put there so we could waste our time studying it but never really come close to understanding it. He tried to prove this by tracing the path of the moon and stating that his findings did not match those in the official records and because of that, he believes that the moon does not exist. Other people believe that the moon is just a distraction from a rogue planet called Nibiru which will destroy the earth in the future. 

Bigfoot Exists! 

People of the Washington state believe in this and to support this theory, 2032 people have reported seeing a creature that resembles Bigfoot. The sightings are so frequent that even the FBI has a file on this creature so there’s a chance that something is out there. If there is something like a Bigfoot, it would most likely be discovered in Pennsylvania, Texas or Oregon, because these states have reported the most number of sightings. 

Is Britney Spears a Government Cover up?

Is Britney only the “Princess of Pop” or is she an attempt by the U.S government to conceal their wrongdoings? Never thought of that, right? Well, here are a few strange coincidences that might change your mind. Britney Spears had a few tough years during the mid-aughts with several public meltdowns. However, these unfortunate incidents in her life strangely seem to coincide with quite a few of President Bush’s administration mishaps. Just a few weeks before the United States vs. Libby trial, Spears married her childhood friend Jason Alexander and annulled it 55 hours later. Another such incident occurred in 2006 when the spotlight was again shifted from Bush to Spears when she was photographed driving with her baby boy on her lap. Again, the American crowd was distracted from the Al Qaeda taking over Afghanistan when Britney went bald and started her umbrella rampage. Next, when Bush fired Rumsfeld, the attention shifted from him to Britney who was divorcing her second husband around the same time. What do you think about all this? 

Are the Royalties of England Vampires and Cannibals?

The study of Prince Charles’ genealogy has proved that he is indeed related to Vlad the Impaler on whom the book Dracula by Bram Stoker was based. His lineage is traced back to his great grandmother Queen Mary’s relationship with Vlad IV, the half brother of the Impaler. He is also believed to be the great-grandson – 16 times removed – to Vlad the Impaler. To add to this, he has also been seen to promote the Romanian National Tourist Office. Other than this, Queen Elizabeth II is rumored to be a cannibal. In 2012, human remains were claimed to be discovered inside the Queen’s refrigerator by a serviceman at Windsor Castle. 

Birds Aren’t Real

Another thing deemed fake by a theory. According to this, all the birds on our planet were replaced by surveillance drones. This conspiracy theory is so well known that it has its meme page and merchandise line on Instagram and Twitter. It even has separate chapters for different cities of the world. 

Mandela Effect and Alternate Universes

This theory was named after Nelson Mandela and occurs when a large number of people remember something to be quite different than it was. It was named after this famous South African leader because a significant number of people believed he died in prison in the 1980s whereas he died in 2013. There are various similar incidents where people have misplaced memories and it is so common that it might have even happened with you. For example, most of us think that Pikachu’s tail has a black shade at the end. However, it is completely yellow. Weird, right? However, the conspiracy theory around this is that this effect is proof that alternate universes exist. Other theories also claim that the Mandela effect is proof that we are currently in the worst timeline of the history of the earth. 

Covid 19 Was a Set-Up

Since the outbreak of this deadly pandemic, false information about it has spread around like wildfire. Some people are blaming 5G for the pandemic despite all the evidence saying otherwise and others have even tried to condemn big pharmaceuticals and Bill Gates for the current situation. Other theories even state that the Covid 19 is just a hoax and is just a tool used by the media and the government to scare the masses. However, this is not the truth. We have all seen an awful lot of people suffer because of this deadly disease. So make sure you don’t believe in such theories and take proper care of yourselves.