Top 10 Spooky Halloween Looks You Can Try (2020)

Halloween looks 2020

Halloween is a spooky festival that is observed by many countries, on the 31st of October, in the memory of the dead. In recent years Halloween has become a worldwide trend in which people dress up and do face art. When millions of people do the same thing, the only way you can stand out is by being the best. So here are the top 10 Halloween looks that are easy to make and also very scary to bring the chill down your spine.

1. Pennywise

Pennywise is the famous evil clown that will make us hate every clown in this world. If you want the detailed history of Pennywise, I urge you to watch the IT series. So wear any white clown outfit, orange wig, and the iconic pennywise makeup which, you can easily create with some red and white face paint. Trust me, this is the best Halloween look choice you can ever make.

2. Scary Doctor

The year 2020 has surely increased our respect for doctors and other medical practitioners. So wouldn’t it be amazing to dress up as a dealy doctor or nurse? For doctor, just grab any basic doctor costume you can get your hands on and fuse it with fake blood over your face and clothes. And similarly for a nurse wearing a sexy nurse outfit and any scary makeup of your choice. 

3. Scary bride

What would be better to have yourself dressed as a scary bride to scare away the hearts of the lover? Wear a white gown or borrow your mother’s wedding dress, and wear a beautiful yet deadly makeup for your choice. Also, don’t forget to carry a bouquet to give it to someone who could possibly whoo you in this scare-fest. 

4. Joker and Harley Quinn

Halloween over the years has been highly influenced by, the movie or comic characters. And one such pair is the joker and Harley Quinn. Well, non of them are ghosts or monsters, but these characters still left a strange fear in our minds. For joker, you will need a nice suit, green wig, and finish it up by drawing its iconic smile. On the other hand, for Quinn, grab your sexiest and shortest pair of shorts, and wear a white red mid-T-shirt, wear its iconic hairstyle, and some red-blue heart and eye shadow to do the magic. 

5. Vampire

The vampire is, to be honest, the sexiest evil persona you can find. To transform yourself into a vampire, you can either buy the entire vampire costume or just, grab an entirely black suit. For girls, you can kill it with a sexy black deep neck outfit. For the makeup, just wear red lipstick and have some fake blood dripping down your lips. You are all set to make head turn with this sexy take on Halloween. 

6. Zombie

Each and everyone has believed some of the other zombie theory at some point in our life. Especially after the release of the movie, such as I am Legend, Zombieland, warm bodies, and 28 days, Zombies blew up the horror world. To become a zombie, you will need your dirtiest pairs of clothes and some makeup skills to notch it up. 

7. Chucky and Anabelle

Dolls aren’t always as sweet and innocent as they seem, this is something that was taught to us by this nerve-wracking dolls; Chucky and Anabelle. For Chucky, you will need a blue T-shirt with denim jeans, an orange wig, and finish it up with some makeup touches. Whereas for Annabelle, you will need a white frock, two middle-parted braids, and some makeup to finish it. Just a glare of you will spook out everyone you meet.  

8. Nun

The scary nun has been a Halloween look for more than a decade, but the terrific 2018 movie with the same title just blew the popularity of this look. For this look, you will need a nun costume and pair it up with the classic scary nun makeup. Here the makeup is the key, so much sure you nail it! 

9. Frankeinstein

Frankenstein is another classic option that never goes out of scare. If you are someone who can easily maintain a serious face wherever you go, this is definitely for you. You might need some prosthetics and face paint to create this one, but you will have to take some effort if you wish to stand out. If you are a couple, you dress up as the Frankenstein couple, too. 

10. Calavera

Calavera is a very traditional take on Halloween, and it is basically a human skull but with various artistic touches to it. These are an ideal option for all the artists out here who keep looking for opportunities so they can use their beautiful skills. They might be complicated to create, but the final product will be totally worth it. The major element here is the face makeup, which can be paired with a black outfit, preferably a deep neck gown.