Top 10 Stunning DIY Outfit Ideas You Can Try


Ever since the pandemic has struck the world, people are constantly finding ways to keep themselves hooked. People are still working from home mostly and that means one has a lot of time on their hands for leisure activities. But when you step out on weekends or otherwise, you do wanna let people know how you’ve been upcycling, redesigning your closet? (humble brag!). From making scarf tops to stitching patches on your shorts or jeans, everyone’s fashion game is high on DIY. To make it simpler for you, we have curated a list of Top 10 DIY Outfits that are very easy to design and so stylish!

Cardigan Twin Set

This is a very cool experiment you can do to your old cardigans and make them look new, trendy, and stylish than ever. Almost little to no waste of fabric, unlike other DIY outfits. All you need is an old cardigan, a pair of scissors and fuse tape. So, this set has a crop top and cardigan up to the length of the crop top. You will have to measure the cropped length by folding the sweater up while wearing it and cut it all the way around. You need the height of at least 3 buttons to make the crop top and then hem tape your crop top and wear the leftover material as a cardigan and you’re good to rock this DIY Cardigan twin set.

Shirt as skirt

We all have skirts lying around idly. Of course, wearing shirts is a new trend but you can always experiment with it and style it into a glamorous skirt which is so comfortable to wear. The best part is that no sewing is needed which means you can later wear it as a shirt too and style it into a skirt whenever you wish to! Let’s see how you can style a skirt into a shirt:
• Grab the sleeves by the armpits and pull up just a little bit.
•Tie a double knot and tuck everything in place to avoid weird holes and lumps.
And this is how you have an easy trick to get twice the mileage out of your shirts.

Shirt as a stylish top

There are so many ways to tuck and tie a shirt and revamp it into a stylish top. You can simply knot your shirt and that’s a whole look too but we have an idea by which you can style it into a shirt top. One such hack is tubing your shirt. Wear your shirt without sleeving hands and start buttoning it up and take the sleeves from both sides and tuck it inside the front or you can even form a sweetheart bow and there you have your very cute DIY top from a shirt!

Patches on shorts/jeans

This DIY emerged in Quarantine 2020 at large. A lot of people were either painting cute things on their denim shorts/ jeans or sewing/ gluing patches. Doing so gives a very funky look to your denim and adds definition. You can buy patches of your choice online and then sew/glue them onto your denim and make sure you iron them afterward to finish the look.

Scarf top

This is a well-known DIY outfit. All you need is a scarf and just tie it from the back. Scarf tops were the biggest hit in 2020 and this DIY is here to stay. You can wear it to picnics or beaches (ditch bikini for a while). Literally, everyone from celebrities to influencers has hopped onto this DIY trend and so should you!

Tube tops as skirt

Well, tube tops are highly functional and can be worn as a skirt because it has a great elasticized bandeau neckline and hem. All you need to do is take a tube top and wear it as a skirt! That’s it. It will give an appeal that of A-line skirt. No complications, no How-To guide needed to rock this DIY outfit. Style the DIY skirt with a crop top.

Half and half jeans

Half and half jeans is a 90’s look but it is a trend again and while we are so high on DIY-ing all our clothes, we cannot afford to miss out on bleaching one leg of our jeans to create these half and half DIY jeans. It is time to get creative and learn different techniques to bleach our jeans. Get any bleach and fully bleach one leg( with or without the pocket), let it dry and it is done! You have your DIY half and half jeans ready!

Tie dye tee

Tie-dying your clothes sounds super fun and it adds so much color to your basic shirt/tee. Everyone must own at least one tie-dyed material in their wardrobe; be it a skirt, shirt, or tee. Tie-dye kits are easily accessible and cheap. Before you tie-dye your basic white tee, here are a few things to note:
• Choose a 100% cotton tee.
• Carefully select the choice of dyes; you can dye with one color or for a classic rainbow masterpiece. • Soak your tee in water & soda before dying it.

Makeover T-shirt

Bored of old plain T-shirts? It’s time that you give them a cool makeover. Take a T-shirt and a pair of scissors. There are plenty of tutorials on how to create different patterns, necklines, cuts, fringes and give them the much-needed makeover they deserve. Sounds fun.

Scarf skirt

Scarfs are a full hit whether it comes to tops or skirts. Take an easy, breezy, long scarf (since you are DIY-ing it into a skirt) and wrap it around your waist. The catch here is that they are so in trend that it’s available in sequin material too which can be donned at parties. How amazing!