Top 10 Super Tasty Types Of Pizza


Pizza is the only snack that can actually satisfy our soul, but if you do not agree with me here, you can just better your taste. So to all the Pizza lovers out there, we present to you the ultimate list of top 10 types of Pizza which everyone must eat!

1. Pepperoni

Pepperoni has to be on the top, here because it is classic. This one has been originated, from the birthplace of pizza that is Italy. Pepperoni is created by sprinkling over some salami over the basic pizza. It is filled with cheese, tomato, and meat, therefore giving it an iconic taste. According to a survey, Americans consume almost 251.7 million pounds of pepperoni pizza annually, and this is only 36% of its consumers worldwide.

2. Deluxe\Supreme Pizza

Deluxe or supreme Pizza is a very loaded version of Pizza which, is filled with bacon, pepperoni slices, red and green bell pepper, red onion, black olives, mozzarella, Parmesan, and basil. It is crispy towards the crust, but the top layer is soft and stuffed with the best flavors. You will be surprised to know that it has a nutritional value to it too since it has Calories, carbs, fat, protein, fiber, and cholesterol.

3. Meat lover’s Pizza

As the name suggests, Meat lover’s Pizza is for all the meat lovers out there. It is loaded, with two kinds of cheese, ham, pepperoni, bacon, and hot sausages Even if you aren’t a meat fan you, still must try it out once. It is available at almost all the pizza places, and it can also be prepared, at home easily.

4. Margherita

Margherita is the most beautiful kind of pizza that is made, with San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, salt, and extra-virgin olive oil. Also, it is created in a certain way to represent the flag of Italy. We don’t have any evidence as of yet, but it is said that this variant was invented by, pizzaiolo Raffaele Esposito in 1899.

5. Vegetarian Pizza

For my friends who don’t like meat much, don’t worry here is vegetarian pizza, to cover you up! It is made with some classic ingredients such as mushrooms, jalapeno, olives, bell peppers, cheese, tomatoes, and basil. The combination of ingredients might vary from one region to another, but it is still going to taste extremely delicious. In a country like India, vegetarian pizza is at the top of the business.

6. Hawaiian Pizza

Hawaiian Pizza or popularly known as pineapple pizza is created, with pineapple, ham, tomato sauce, and cheese. Well, this can be a controversial combination of ingredients, but a major part of the population in the world tends to love it. It is a mix of sweet and savory, well not everyone is a fan here, but trust me isn’t much of a disaster you think it is.

7. Double Cheese Pizza

Double cheese pizza is a heaven for all the cheese lovers out there. Double cheese pizza is just a Margherita but with extra cheese. You must be probably wondering why is it a separate, type because the cheese will just, add a different flavor to the very different pizza. Why is it so below here on the list? Well, it’s because according to a survey most people think that adding the extra cheese just takes away the gist of a classic pizza.

8. Italian Sausage Pizza

As the name itself suggests, Italian sausage pizza is created by having Italian sausage as the main ingredient. It is basically like a pepperoni pizza but, here we use Italian sausage. Let me tell you that both these pizzas are very different taste-wise, the other toppings used here are onions, mushrooms, and a good amount of cheese.

9. BBQ Chicken Pizza

BBq chicken pizza is a very evolved version of pizza since the sauce and toppings used here are not that same as others. Here instead of pizza sauce, barbeque sauce is used, which is combined, with toppings such as chicken, cilantro, pepperoncini peppers, onion, and cheese. It is very favorable something you should surely try!

10. Mexican Pizza

The last one up on the list is a Mexican variant of Pizza namely Mexican Pizza or Tlayuda. The traditional version of this Pizza is made out of huge corn tortillas, that can be fried, baked, or griddled. And it is toped with Asiento (pork lard) and mashed beans. But the modernized version of these is made on the classic pizza crust which is topped, with beans, beef, and all the delicious taco toppings you can think of!