Top 10 Surprising And Interesting Facts About Sex

facts about sex

Sex is an activity that people of all age groups enjoy. It is good for our health and burns calories. Research shows men burn 4.2 calories per minute on average and women burn 3.1 calories per minute. It is a great stress reliever, it makes you happy and is known to strengthen emotional bonds between individuals. But we present to you some lesser-known, interesting, and surprising facts about sex.

1. It can prevent heart stroke

Sex is good for your heart. It increases your heart rate. Men reach a heart rate of around 120 per minute and women 110 per minute. Men who have sex twice a week or more and women who report that they are satisfied with their life to have lower chances of getting a heart stroke or other heart ailments. It is in fact good for people who have heart diseases (doctors encourage it!).

2. Clitoris and Penis are closely related

How weird, right? Clitoris and Penis originate from the same tissue when a foetus is developing. They both have a glans(head), foreskin/hood, erectile tissue, and a shaft. They are each central to sexual pleasure and they each swell when aroused. We all have the same genital tissue when we are conceived – during early development the gonads of the foetus remain undifferentiated. It is only at about 6-12 weeks of foetal development, that the genitalia begins to differentiated, and some people are born intersex.

3. You can even orgasm in your sleep

“Some people can have an orgasm during an erotic dream while sleeping” OBGYN Sherry Ross said. Yes, no physical stimulation but blood flow to the genitals during a sexy dream is enough to make you orgasm. How cool is that?!

4. Ginger and Sex

Ginger can excite your feelings. It has anti inflammatory effects that help to boost a drooping sex drive. There are also other foods that help with low libido but Ginger is so surprising, right? Go drink Ginger tea right now!

5. Period Sex

We have been made to believe that period blood is disgusting and period sex is gross. Well, it’s not! You have higher chances of having an orgasm on your periods. Sex on periods can help you ease the pain from cramps, muscle contractions and migraines. The ideas that menstruation and menstrual blood is disgusting are outdated, and stem mostly from misinformation and unnecessary policing of human sexuality.

6. Sex isn’t supposed to hurt the first time

Sex should not be painful for the first time or the 15th time. Foreplay, water-based lubricants, and relaxation are ways to have pain-free sex. Also, there are myths about hymen that it remains intact until penetration which gives birth to the concept of virginity, which is a social construct. Some people don’t even bleed on their first time. The hymen is just a membrane that might break due to sports activities too.

7. Smoking affects fertility

Smoking affects your fertility and erections. It can dramatically alter the quality and number of sperms. It makes your blood vessels thinner and enough blood cannot reach your penis on time which leads to poor or no erection. Smoking affects women’s fertility too because it reduces the number of eggs hence making getting pregnant difficult.

8. Orgasm is not the only goal of sex

It is not necessary that you orgasm every time you have sex. The focus should rather be on pleasure, making each other feel comfortable and safe. It should bring people closer emotionally. Sex should not be an act of performance but an act to connect with your partner. Many women fake orgasms so that their partner feels high of himself or that his feelings don’t get hurt but it should be about having a good time. Contrary to popular belief, orgasm is not the only goal of sex.

9. Erogenous zones

Erogenous zones are body parts that excite feelings when touched and stimulated. A lot of people do not know about these zones. According to a survey, erogenous zones are breasts, lips, neck, ears, and buttocks (these are called extragenital). Women can orgasm following stimulation of these zones. Interesting, right? Knowledge of these erogenous zones can benefit both men and women.

10. Self discovery and self image

Sex or solo acts of sex help you find what you like and dislike. It is an act of discovering yourself. You can then communicate that to your partner. It improves your self-image by making you feel confident about your body.