Top 10 Most Consumed Tea Brands In India


India is the second-largest producer of tea and then comes coffee. Sipping your tea from a cup sitting at your window enjoying the rains, everyone loves to do so. But to make everything better and transform your mood you need good tea. So here is a list of tea brands in India.

Tata tea

Being the largest packed tea brand in India, Tata tea produces 6.2 crore kg of tea annually. Tata tea gold, Tata tea Teaveda, Tata tea Premium, Tata Tea Gold, Tata tea Agni and many more products are ready for your house warming and kitty parties. It is not just a regular tea with strong aroma but Tata tea brought an awakening campaign in 2007 named “Jaago Re” with social awareness and fighting spirit.

Red Label

Truly Red Label has “swaad apnepan ka”. Owned by Unilever, Brooke Bond has its manufacturing company in the United States. Deriving its name from founder Arthur Brooke, Red Label was launched in British India in 1903. Brooke Bond Taaza, Brooke Bond Tajmahal, and many more products slowly found its way in Indian kitchens. It has its manufacturing units in Darjeeling, Assam, Meghalaya, and many northeastern states.

Wagh bakri

Being the third most packed tea company in India, Wagh Bakri is amongst the tea companies since 1892. But before it was called Gujarat Tea Depot and Co. From the tea plants in Kheda district of Gujarat to its head office in Ahmedabad, Wagh Bakri delivers freshly packed tea and its wonderful essence to Indian homes. Instant ginger tea, Instant lemongrass tea, Instant elaichi tea, and many more Wagh Bakri products are ready to refresh you.


Owned by Unilever, the company got its name from Thomas Lipton. Once being a supermarket chain in the UK, Lipton is a British tea brand. It is the first company to sell tea leaves to its customers in tea bags. One must have tasted the lovely Lipton Iced tea which is perfect for summer parties and kids love it too. Earl grey tea, peach mango tea, green tea mandarin orange are few of the exotic teas launched by Lipton Clear.


Being the largest tea company in the UK and in Canada, Tetley was founded in 1837. Tetley green tea, Tetley masala chai, Tetley super green tea, Tetley lemon tea, and many more varieties of Tetley packs amazingly fresh tea leaves and refreshes one’s mood. After the consolidation of Tetley tea with Tata, now Tetley tea leaves come from Tata’s plantations for India and Sri Lanka.


Finely picked from tea gardens of Assam and Darjeeling, Marvel tea laboratories taste up to 800 cups of tea for quality check of their products. Marvel yellow tea, Marvel red tea, Marvel elaichi tea, Marvel rozana, etc are a few of the Marvel tea products. Its pure taste, the authentic aroma of the flavor-packed picked leaves, Marvel made its way to the kitchen. New in the tea industry but Marvel tea has its quality and essence which makes it capable to be in this list.

Pataka premium

Entering into the tea industry, the Pataka group launched Pataka tea in 2000. With increasing its popularity and earning its position among the top tea brands in India, Pataka has earned great profit and love from Indian tea lovers. Other than packed tea, the company is also involved in tobacco, textile, food, and beverage industries. Pataka premium, Pataka special, Pataka Mukta are a few of Pataka products.

Society Tea

Founded in 1933, this Indian tea brand is one of the top sellers in Maharashtra. It is also sold in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh. The brand has many outlets in Maharashtra such as in Thane, Kalba Devi, Fort, Dadar, Malad, etc. Society Herbal tea, Society dust tea, Society Premium Green Tea are the products of Society tea. The society also has iced teas and instant one-minute teas.

GM’s Tulsi Tea

This one is a product of hard work since 1981. Being from the rural markets of Gujarat, Tusli tea has many sub-brands like Vatan tea, Tulsi Gold tea. They also have many products like Vatan Dano, Vatan Patti, Tulsi Kitli special, Tulsi Patti, etc. The company’s skillful and hard-working employees and the distributor’s network make this brand one of the top tea brands in India including major parts of Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, etc.

Duncans Darjeeling Tea

Last in our list is the Duncans Darjeeling Tea. Duncans Darjeeling Tea Ltd was founded in 1984. Double Diamond Green Tea, Kings Cup, Double Diamond Gold Tea are a few of its products. Freshly picked from the plantations and estates of Darjeeling, Duncans Darjeeling tea packs its fresh aura and essence of tea leaves and makes one feel refreshed and boost one’s mind and makes one feel fresh.