Top 10 Types Of Tie Knots Every Man Should Know About


A tie on a man is like a cherry on a cake, perfect pair. But are you bored wearing the same tie knot again and again? Well, here are 10 tie knots for men that will help you freshen up your daily outfit in the best ways possible.

1. Windsor Knot

Windsor knot is a British style knot that gets its name from the Duke of Windsor. The knot is also called Double Windsor knot or Scarpino knot. Domenico Scappino was the first to design it in 1930, according to some. It is a triangular knot, symmetrical, that pairs excellently with French collar shirts or open collar spread shirts since it takes up a lot of space. Try using elegant fabric ties while wearing this and also make sure the tie is not too thick.

2. Half Windsor Knot

Half Winsor Knot is a classic choice and a perfect choice for formal occasions. Perfectly suitable for shirts with an open collar spread. It resembles the Windsor knot, but it is less thick and easier to make because it requires fewer steps. Another elegant triangular knot, which is usually asymmetrical. Furthermore, it can be paired up usually with all the fabrics.

3. Small Knot

Small Knot is pretty perfect for any occasion, also suitable for everyday use since it is very easy to make. A Small knot is an ideal choice for tall men, with a long torso and a rather wide neck. Suitable for shirts with tight collars and ties in thick fabric, because it is very cramped. Therefore it is highly recommended to use silk ties that weighs more than 70 grams.

4. Double Knot

Also known by the name simple double knot or Prince Albert knot, this one is perfect for everyday use. It blends so well with collars and ties of all kinds, and it even adapts with thin ties. It is as same as a simple knot you just have to turn with one more lap here. Suitable to all men no matter which physique they have, and also very easy to make.

5. Atlantic knot

Atlantic knot was widely used, at the beginning of the 20th century. A knot for the most special occasions such as an aperitif, an informal party, and reserved for lovers of a composed and retro charm. It can be paired, with a casual outfit or an elegant sporty jacket or even with wide collar shirts. You probably should avoid wearing them to work. They are also known as Ventaglio knot or cafe knot.

6. Balthus Knot

Balthus Knot gets its name from Balthasar Klossowski, the man who invented them around 1930. This one is quite special since it should be worn only once in a while. It is for your exclusive looks, a perfect choice for men with narrow faces or particularly thin and long necks. Use a long tie to wear these since it requires several steps to make. Wear them at refined dinners or theatrical performances and art events, surely not at business events.

7. Eldredge Knot

Eldredge knot is definitely the most complicated one on the list. It is a newly invented knot and probably the most unique of them all. It looks very small and is very similar to a tapered braid. This one is for all the attention seekers out there since it gives a seductive effect to your outfit. Avoid wearing strip patterns to balance out the look. It is very extravagant so, should only be worn for non-professional situations.

8. Onassis Knot

Chic and simple, describes this knot perfectly well. It derives its name from the great Greek shipowner and magnate Aristotle Onassis. He invented it in the 60s, making it an elegant and refined style. It resembles the Simple knot, but the difference between the two is that, in the end, the wide part of the tie is not passed through the knot but is left free, like a scarf. The Onassis knot is ideal for wide ties which, could be paired vests, waistcoats, and suits.

9. Four in hand knot

Four in hand knot is definitely one of the most well-known knots and also one the simplest knots. Similar to the Simple knot, it has a slightly asymmetric appearance and can be combined perfectly with almost every shirt collar. It is universal and very easy to make. It is named four in hand knot because this knot was used by coachmen to fix the reins of a 4-horse shot or perhaps a famous London club, the “Four in Hand”. An ideal choice for any formal occasion you attend.

10. Pratt Knot

Pratt knot, also known as pratt Shelby or Shelby knot is a symbol of all American menswear. Its name is derived, from Jerry Pratt, a famous television presenter who invented it. This one can be paired, with open collar shirts, but here is a small tip try using a tie which is not too thick or too thin. You can wear it for any occasion you like, and you are all set to turn heads.