Top 10 Best Turn Ons For Women

turn on for women

Women are always known to be someone who cannot be understood, but it isn’t true. Women are not complicated, rather they are very precise about what they want and what they don’t. So we are here to give you an update about what women want, especially when in bed. Here are the top 10 turn-ons for every woman!

Biggest turn on- Good Foreplay

The best way to turn on a woman would be to give her some good starters before eating the main feast. Make your women want to start, tease her, and make her want for more. Good foreplay can be playing with her clit and breasts. 

Wanting to go down

Men are quite reluctant when it comes to going down and pleasuring women. The women always have to make the men go down, which might not give them a good feeling. Research too tells us how women give more blowjobs compared to men going down to their women. So you would make it the most memorable day for your women if you would willingly go down and love them! It won’t just turn them on but also display your genuine love for them.

Being picked up and put on a table or against the wall 

The best place for the woman is the men’s arms and they love when the men tightly grab them. A pinch of aggression can make your women turn on since they can see how badly you want them. So the best way to do this would be to pick them up and putting them on a table or against the wall. You must also understand that there is a fine line between pleasuring and hurting them, so make sure you keep that in mind. 


Ass-smacks are something every woman loves. If your girl is busy with her chores, but you want her to come to bed, this is something you can do. Whether she is cooking or working, just go near her and give her a lovely smack. If she is too exhausted or extremely busy with her work, do not force them because that would definitely turn them off and put your relationship in danger. 

Neck kisses

Women love kisses, but not every kiss makes them naughty. Neck kisses are the best form of kisses to turn your women on and make them want for more. Going near them, giving some sensual neck kisses would be a great way to start a steamy session. 


Women love to be teased, no offense to anyone, but it is a universal fact that women take longer to reach the apex than men. So you could just turn her on and just leave it like that for a while. This would make your girl even hornier, and she would be dying for you to finish her. You good even tease her by just stripping off in front of her but not letting her touch you.

Showing your post-workout body

Men look fire when they step out of the gym in their steamy hot bodies. Just a look at their post-workout body is enough to turn any women on. Taking a shower together after coming from the gym would make some of the most memorable memories together. You could even hit the gym together and then end the workout with some great sex. 

Breaking things

No, you dont have to go around the housebreaking stuff. What we mean by breaking things is getting so much into the sex that you end up breaking or making things besides your bed fall. You dont have to deliberately make them fall, you just have to get so wild that the things on and besides the bed start falling. This will make your woman feel that you are having the best sex of your life, and will make her enjoy it even more. 

Smelling good

The bad odor would push every human being away from you. Women love when men smell good, or the room that you going to have sex in has a great scent. Goods smell elevates one’s mood and makes one feel stress-free. Make sure the smell is not too strong, it must light but attractive. If you are planning to do something special, you can decorate the room with scented candles and flowers. This does not only turn them all but also will make them feel loved and valued. 

Making them feel comfortable and secure

The last and the most important thing on the list is making your love feel comfortable and secure. Women are extremely sensitive when it comes to getting intimate. You must not make them feel, that you are here just for their body. Before making them scream, learn to love them. Loving your women and, making them feel comfortable and secured with you is not just the first step of getting intimate, but the first step for any relationship.