Top 10 Turn Ons For Men *Ahem*

turn ons for men

Turning a man on can be a difficult thing to do, but don’t worry, it isn’t mission impossible. So here we present you top 10 turn-ons for men to make things a bit easy for you to lure your men.

1. Sharing a wild fantasy

An ideal way to turn a man on is to share a steamy hot fantasy with them, we all have one of these, don’t we? Just the description of your dream fantasy will turn your guy on because they love it when the girls get all honest and bold with them. And I guarantee you that they might not fulfill your wish of buying a big ass ring, but they will surely bring your naughty fantasy to life.

2. An eye contact

You might not believe me for this one, but hear me out once. Eyes are said to be a mirror for our soul, if your person knows you well, one eye contact is enough. Even if they dont know you, no boy can ever fail to pick up a sexy eye contact that is wanting to turn him on. So what are you waiting for? Let your eyes do all the magic and enjoy your night. Here is a small tip start with eye contact once you get their attention put a wicked smile on, and check them out top to bottom slowly and steadily.

3. Put your hair down

We girls like a lot to experiment and put different hairstyles on, but when it comes to turning guys on, nothing is better than the classic open hair. So just put your hair down, and let them notice you and admire your beauty. Research too suggests that men like women with open hair be more attractive then closed hair.

4. Go down the memory lane

Okay, so this one might sound cheesy, but it’s my personal favorite. Nothing is better than sitting with your partner and going down the memory lane, by talking about your favorite moments, looking at previous photos and videos. It is like looking back at the best time and making better ones while doing that. This will surely make your partner kiss you, and then there is no stopping, it will a beautiful experience.

5. Massage

So in this one, you must put in a bit effort, an ideal choice for days when your men are all tired, but you are in the mood to make love. So just give them a massage to relax them a bit and then get naughty with them. According to research, when stress is one of the biggest obstacles when it comes to arousal for men, so what’s better than giving the massage to throw there stress away.

6. Text them

You might not know, but guys love talking dirty, especially on text. So if you see your guy busy with work or a group of people, just text them. Make sure it isn’t any casual text, it is something that will make him come to you as soon as possible, Be your sexy, naughty self and show them, what they are missing.

7. Play with your legs

Every one of us has seen this scene, in movies when a couple gets naughty under the table with, the people around them. How they secretively play with their legs while any of the people around them not knowing about it. The reason why this scene, is so commonly used is that it actually works. It will make your guy turn on instantly, and he is instantly going to drive you home for a making love session.

8. Wear red

Red is not the color of love, it is more of a color os sensuality. In new york, research was conduction where 149 men have to rate women wearing black, grey, red, and white. And red won without any doubt since it represents sexiness and will make every head turn. So to get your partner turned on, wear red shade, it can be anything a dress, a saree, a skirt, a shirt or even better lingerie!

9. Snuggle up

Nothing is better than some great snuggles, but do you think any men get ever just stop at snuggles. So to get what you want, just grab your partner and start snuggling them. Dont be forceful consider the situation you are in, then choose the method to turn them on accordingly. A little tip, don’t fake up the snuggles, make sure they are honest, warm, and full of love.

10. Sexy lingerie

Let’s end this list with a classic way to turn any men on, grab your sexiest pair of undergarments, and that’s it. But if you want to turn them on at a place where you cannot wear lingerie, try wearing, some sexy clothes on, your clothes which you wore when you had the best sex of your life. You might not believe but no men even forget great sex and the details associated with it.

A tip- Just moan close to their ear (thank us later).