Top 10 Types Of Blogs You Should Know Of!


Starting a blog is not easy, but choosing what kind of blog to start is a different ball game because Blogs are just so versatile to start with – there are a ton of types you can choose from and today we are going to make the work easier for you by telling you top 10 types of blogs.

1. Personal Blogs

The writer in this can talk about anything from the writer’s unique experiences, opinions, or personal embarrassments or even passion, etc. In this blog, you are the front and center. Your personality is the only thing that draws in readers. However, this might make it hard to build a strong community, as the content types will most likely be varied. You have to write a ton of interesting content to make your readers like it and learn to tell your story with a strong narrative so you can make your audience feel it.

2. The Niche

Everybody has their own passions. You may take an interest in a delicious home-cooked meal recipe, a cheap way to travel to a certain place, or a tip to dress nicely for rainy days. A niche is just this, it’s all about what you find interesting and which topic you’re comfortable with and you stick with it.

3. The Collaborative Blog (Guest Blogger)

If you don’t want to create content by yourself, why not let a guest blogger in to help? It will surely help you to increase the number of quality posts each day. also, it brings in a new audience and traffic. Although Convincing other bloggers to guest post will, of course, take some time. Also, there are criteria you should select them wisely.

4. Business Blogs

If you own a business, then this is just perfect for you. As you probably need a way to attract more customers. A business blog can do that. By creating content related to your field, you can build a strong relationship with your audience. You can make all sorts of content revolving around your business, giving out some free minor tips, etc.  This will build a strong relationship with the audience and will point potential customers to your company!

5. Podcast Blogs

Do you prefer speaking more than blogging? Then you should give podcast blog a go. These types of blogs will mostly consist of videos or audios about topics that are related to a specific niche. Listening to podcasts takes less time than reading an article. That might be attractive to your audience. Listeners can also enjoy your content while partaking in other activities.

6. The Freebies

Tell me one person who does not like free stuff? No one, I guess. Giving free stuff or bonuses with every post you do can quickly and easily win your reader’s heart. It also sends a very strong message that you genuinely care about your reader’s progress! The freebies can be given in two ways – as a download link, or through your reader’s email.

7. The Teachers

Teaching people or just showing them things, they don’t know is a very great way to keep the audience engaged. You can make a blog that revolves around this theme where show your readers a way to do something. For example, if you know a quicker way to fold laundry? Or how to fix a tire? Just blog about it.

8. The Counter-Culture

You either will love it or hate it, but it will surely grab attention. This type of content tries very hard to get the spotlight by writing about out controversial opinions on a very popular topic. They may have to put up with some number of haters but can gain faithful followers if done right.

9. News Blogs

Starting a News blog is an amazing way of reaching a big audience! Starting one is guaranteed not easy though. You must see that your article lines up with facts and also carefully plan and research before posing anything. However, if you have a reliable and trusted source for a niche, know some journalism basics, or follow a subject passionately, you can cover what’s new in that specific field.

10. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing blogs generally only have one goal and it is to gain as many clicks as possible! Affiliate marketing is when you partner up with a business from which you earn commissions. Bloggers post affiliate links in their blogs and If their readers click on it, it will open the product’s page, and then If your audience purchases it you earn some amount of money. The catch here is  You have to make an article which is compelling enough so that it makes people want to click that link