Top 10 Types Of Bra That Every Woman Must Have


Whenever it comes to choosing outfits, the foremost problem that all women face is the choice of perfect, fitting lingerie. Women often avoid outfits because they can’t find a matching bra like a t-shirt bra or a strapless bra or some other type of bras. Different women have different body types and similarly different breast size and so accordingly needs different bra styles to support their body. From a teenager to a mother to elderly women, there are different style options of bras as per your need or outfits. Here we give you the top 10 types of bra that every woman must definitely try.

Push-up bra

Also known as the lift-up bras, these push-up bras actually gently push the breast upwards making cleavage more appealing. These provide the best support for the loose or sagging breast. These bras are padded on the lower side to lift the breast upwards. These best go with a low neckline dress or a low cut top with skinny jeans. These provide medium coverage and so can make you flaunt your curves well.

Padded bra

These bras are padded on the inner layer to give a curvier look of the breast with no apex visible. Around your PMS or periods, many women experience a feeling of discomfort with their nipples being visible through their tops or dresses, for such situations padded bras should be your first choice. These bras give medium or 3/4th coverage and are extremely comfortable to go with any skinny outfit.

T-shirt bra

These bras have a soft cup that doesn’t show up in your body-fitting tops. They go seamlessly with any outfit. They are mostly preferred for daily use by most teenagers even today. As per the name, these bras go best with t-shirts or solid tops or any body-hugging upper wear. These provide about medium to 3/4 th coverage and give a smooth look to your bust.

Strapless bra

All those women who have their straps falling on and off should give this bra a try and I bet you will never have to choose any other bra after this try. As the name suggests, these bras are with no straps so no issue with the straps malfunction anyway. These go best with shoulder-baring outfits, off-sleeves, half sleeves, etc. They are mostly used with off-shoulder tops and dresses.

Lace bra

As the name says, these bras are outlined and designed with beautiful laces. These bras often give a sensuous look to the neckline. Most women prefer it with low-line tops where the bra peeks out showing its intricate lace designs. These bras are a kind of show-off bra rather than some innerwear which is mostly supposed to be hidden. It provides medium to full coverage and is best for special or festive occasions.

Sports bra

These bras are designed to provide more support than ordinary bras. They prevent bouncing or movement of the breast during exercises. Nowadays these are available in beautiful patterns and designs to give it a “ to go gym” type of look. These are mostly used whenever strenuous exercise or jogging is done. These provide medium to full coverage and cause muscle compression of the breast during exercises.

Stick on bra

This type of bra has a mild adhesive on the inner side of cups and wings. Mostly used are the silicon stick-up bras that do not irritate and comfort your skin very well. If you ever wonder how do models and big actresses wear a backless bra so comfortable then a stick-on bra is the answer to your question. These provide optimum coverage and the bust is not that visible but the cleavage enhances and the breast lifts.

Transparent strap bra

Some women are very interested in wearing sleeveless tops and dresses but at the same time are worried about going strapless as it may cause a sense of discomfort or lesser support. For such women, a transparent strap bra is the best option. These are like any other ordinary bra but have a strap made up of transparent material. These provide full coverage and best suits with off-shoulder tops or noddle tops.

Low back bra

The low back bra has its wings located at a lower position hiding it in low back tops and dresses. The back bands of this bra are very thin and go around the waist to provide proper support. For some, this proves to be the best bra as it fulfills a lot of requirements like being low back, providing waist support, and prevent marks and mass bulging on lateral sides of the breast.

Maternity bra

Last but not least on our list is the maternity bra. These bras are modified versions of simple bra to facilitate breastfeeding. Every woman who has given birth or is breastfeeding a baby needs at least a pair of these in their wardrobe. They are very comfortable and very easy to use and are becoming quite famous in today’s time. A single product for comfort, support, and all your needs is this maternity bra.