Top 10 Indian Ethnic Wear A One Must Try (Guys And Girls)


Indian ethnic wear is so much more than just outfits, because they represent the culture and traditions of that specific region, especially in a country like India. Ethnic wear always brings out the true beauty of oneself, it makes us look fabulous. People nowadays have started enjoying ethnic wear and they are seen wearing them at home. So since we no more need any occasion for ethnic wear, here are the top 10 types of ethnic wear that are an absolute essential. 

1. Saree

If we are talking about ethnic wear, we need to start with a saree. You can never go wrong with a saree, it looks splendid in almost all the occasions and family functions. You can experiment so much with a saree since there are a number of ways you can drape them, also several blouse designs to pair them with. Nowadays a lot of modern versions of sarees have come up, so you can wear them even at your formal events, and you are surely gonna turn every head. 

2. Kurta

A simple Kurta can do wonders for you because ethnic wear looks more pretty when blended with simplicity. Earlier Kurtas were only associated with men, but since the times have changed, women too can pull it off. You can wear them for any special occasions, during any festival, or even during lazy Sundays, pair them with jeans and you are good to go. Trust us when I say this, you won’t find anything more comfortable and stylish than a cotton kurta. 

3. Long Skirt

A skirt doesn’t necessarily have to be short to make it look beautiful, you can rule the world with a long skirt too. A must-have in every woman’s wardrobe, since it’s very elegant and comfortable at the same time. Here again, a lot of modern varieties have been introduced, so you can pair it with a kurta, a blouse, a T-shirt, or even a shirt. Great scope for experimentation, so go wear them to any event you want and break stereotypes. 

4. Nehru Jacket

This jacket is named after our freedom fighter Jawaharlal Nehru since he always wore it. Okay, so you probably must be wondering why is it on this list, since other ethnic wears are more popular. Its because the Nehru jacket is extremely under-rated, it brings out a completely different character from a man. He looks handsome, sexy, mature, and charming, all at once. Don’t believe me, give it a try yourself.

5. Anarkali Suit

The Mughals are the ones that must be credited for the beautiful Anarkali suits. Probably every one of us owns or has owned a pair of these at some point in our life. You aren’t are a true Indian if you haven’t tried a pair of these. It will make you look stunning of all the people present around, for sure is a must fashion essential. 

6. Sherwani

A sherwani is a long coat-like garment, which later got evolved into a Nehru Jacket. It is mostly worn over a kurta, with the combination of either a churidar, a dhoti, a pajama, or a shalwar/Sirwal as the lower-body clothing. It is famous around the world, but majorly in countries like India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Pakistan. It is an ideal choice for family functions, marriages, weddings, and festivals. A sherwani is usually the groom’s outfit during an Indian wedding.

7. Salwar Suit

Salwar suit is another set of traditional Indian clothing that is popular around the world. It comes in diverse designs and colorful look. It is also popularly known as Salwar Kameez specifically, worn in Eastern Europe West Asia, Central Asia, and South Asia. Salwar Kameez was originally spread by, the Mughals, and interestingly it can be worn by both men and women, of course, they vary a little bit in the design.

8. Pathani Suit

Pathani Suits originated from the Pathans, and are very popular among men to date. They are basically long Kurtas with collars and pockets, and they are usually accompanied, with baggy trousers. Bollywood has a huge role to play to keep the Pathani suit trend going. An ideal choice for men who like grabbing some female attention at every event they go to. 

9. Patiala

Patiala or Patiala suit is a kind of female trousers that have originated from the Patiala City in the Northern region of Punjab. It shares a very close resemblance with the Pathani suit, due to their loose layered bottom and knee-length Kurti. They are extremely comfortable and durable in summers. So dress yourself with one of these looks like a perfect Punjabi Girl!

10. Rajputi Paushak

A Rajput Puashak is the most authentic form of traditional clothing on this list. These are the typical yet super classy attire worn by the Rajput women. Here along with the clothes, jewelry plays an important role, so choose wisely if you are thinking about it. The movie Padmavaat took the Rajput attire to a whole different level, especially for wedding outfits. So what are you waiting for, go dress up as a true queen!