Top 10 Must-Have Indian Spices


Can you imagine blend food on your plate? No, right? India is well known for its cuisine. Do you know what makes these cuisines mouth-watering and tempting? Well, the answer is “spices”. Let’s have a look at these Indian spices that make our day-to-day food super tasty and never boring.

Cardamom (Elaichi)

Starting with the ‘Queen of Spices’ cardamom are of two types: Green and Black, the green ones are mild and on the other hand, black ones are smoky and spicy. Both black and green are used in Indian cooking but when using black cardamon you can only use their seeds. This spice has a strong aroma and makes the cuisine taste better. It is also known as Elaichi, we have special cardamom tea as well. It is also used to garnish the deserts.

Clove (Long)

It has a rich history, and initially, it was being traded at the port in Sri Lanka. Clove has importance in cooking as well as it has also reserved someplace in medicinal uses. Having a clove in the mouth, when one has a toothache is the best remedy and also when someone has a cough, keeping a clove in your mouth is a big help. It tastes somewhat spicy but when added to some curry or dal, it enhances the flavor and the aroma is unimaginable.

Black pepper (Kali Mirchi)

The small round black balls of flavor. Remedy for throat infections. Somewhere it is used as a whole or sometimes the balls are crushed to make powder, and a pinch of it is enough to change the flavor of the dish. When having a cold and cough a mixture of its powder with honey is recommendable. Also, it is used in the preparation of uncountable dishes.

Cumin (Jeera)

The spice box is incomplete without cumin. The most mainstream spice, none of the Indian dishes are complete without cumin. Every tadka for every Indian curry or dal must have Cumin in them. People add roasted and powdered cumin in buttermilk and trust us, it tastes HEAVENLY Cumin is rich in iron, it may help a diabetes patient.

Mustard seeds (Raai)

They have options in colors, like black, yellow, brown but mostly people prefer black ones. They are very minute in appearance. It is while sauteing something and when they are crushed they add an amazing smoky flavor. It cures migraines and also helps in asthma.

Turmeric (Haldi)

It is popularly known as yellow ginger or Indian Saffron. It has this really beautiful bright yellow color and is therefore identifiable. it has a very warm and earthy aroma. it has multiple health benefits and also its paste helps in skin glow and to get rid of tanning. tanning.

Saffron (Kesar)

The most expensive spice in the world, and has the most unique and bright orangish-red color. It is used as a garnish for sweets, and also it is used in milk, “Kesar ka Dudh” is famous in some places. It has a very strong aroma plus the taste is very earthy yet rich, VERY rich. Also, it is said that when saffron has a deeper color, it is considered very pure.

Carom (Ajwain)

Small, oval-shaped brown colored seeds resemble many other spices. They are used in natural form as well as in powder form. Carom seeds are highly nutritious and are full of vitamins and minerals. It does wonders when having a stomach ache. And, people believe that one should keep roasted carom next to them in a tied knot when having a cold and cough so that they can smell it and get some relief.

Fennel (Saunf)

Ah! the green and white hard seed with a sweet and pungent taste. It is very beneficial to health, one should eat soaked fennel first thing in the morning as it works as a cooling agent. It is one of the most used and loved mouth fresheners for people in India, Add some sugar, tulsi leaves, and fennel seed together, and voila! you have a really amazing mouth freshener ready for you. It has some medicinal benefits as well as it helps in digestion and manages the weight, too. Plus, It is a good source of vitamin C.

Red Chilli Powder (Laal Mirchi)

The king of Indian Spices, if I must say. A powder made from the seeds of red chilies. The powder is exceptionally Spicy and strong and that is exactly why it is used in small quantities. The chili is also used in its whole form in various South Indian curries.