Top 10 Types Of Lipsticks You Must Have

types of lipstick

Lipstick is an essential part of all our makeup routine, and I am sure all the makeup maestro out there will agree with me on this. So today, we will go through the top 10 types of lipstick that, are created to make us seem pretty every time we step out.

1. Sheer lipstick

Sheer lipsticks are the most opted option when it comes to coloring our lips. It leaves a little spark, and they are also enriched with moisturizing oil to make sure that your lips do not dry out. It doesn’t matter whether you are wearing them for office or party, they will suit you well and will stay on your lips for about 4-5 hours. If you are suffering from chapped lips, this is an ideal choice for you.

2. Matte Lipstick

Matte lipstick can be said to be one of the most sophisticated versions of lipstick, that gives your lips a pure, and sleek look. It consists of a smooth and even texture, marks my words, you will be addicted to them instantly. A perfect way of hiding pigmented and patchy lips, it got you covered. A quick tip, apply a lip balm before applying them to pull it off in the most charming way.

3. Glossy lipstick

Glossy lipstick is to provide a glamorous look to your lips, it is shiny and will give a watery touch to your lips. The luminosity factor here is very high, an ideal choice for dry and thin lips. The best part about them is that they are very hydrating, and they offer low to medium coverage and semi-sheer finish. If you love grabbing people’s attention, this is something you must surely bring home.

4. Creme lipstick

Creme or creamy lipstick can be applied effortlessly, enriches with oil and butter so great nourishment for their lips. Unlike sheer lipsticks, they have a high quantity of wax, that increases the staying power of the lipsticks. Perfect for people living in colder regions as they melt a lot in hot regions. During summers, you can stack them in the fridge to maintain their consistency and prevent breakage.

5. Lip tints

Lip tints or stain is for the ones who want their lipstick to stay every day in the best shape. It is very low maintenance, so if you are going through a super busy, wear them to stay, all glammed up the whole day. One little drawback about them is that they might make them dry, so you can apply a lip balm before using this to avoid this problem. Excellent at adding a natural touch to your look, so try it out now.

6. Liquid matte lipstick

The newest addition to lipsticks is this liquid matte lipstick that is very similar to glossy lipstick. As soon as they are applied, they transform into a semi-matte type. An ideal alternative for a matte lipstick, since the matte lipstick, gives a dry feeling to your lips which, is uncomfortable. It works like magic, easily applied like a gloss, and gives a full-blown effect of matte-lipstick.

7. Matte Balms

Matte Balms can be said to be lipstick in disguise, that offers the goodness of a balm that has coverage and color payoff of a matte lipstick. It is super easy to apply, just glide onto your lips in the most effortless ways, and it will give a smooth and long-lasting finish. Make sure you exfoliate your lips before putting it on. Balms are for all the multi-taskers out there.

8. Balm Tints

Perfect for home-use or everyday use regarding college or work, they are usually available in a crayon form and leaves your lip moist with natural-looking color. The color will last from one to a couple of hours, depending on the brand you buy. Many of these balms also provide SPF protection to your lips to keep them nourished. A must-have lip-care product that can be worn, daily to keep your lips pretty and moisturized.

9. Pearl Lipstick


Pear or frosted lipstick will make your lips seem to glisten and sparkle. They tend to reflect light that gives them a nice shiny effect. They have a bit of a negative side too, they seem to make your lips feel dry, heavy, or even cracked. Therefore, another lipstick where you will have to apply a lip balm before applying them.

10. Transfer resistant lipstick

As the name suggests,these are transfer-resistant that stay up throughout the day. All of us need one of these, they can stay as long as four to eight hours. So you have to reapply them only when you eat something oily or greasy. They will lock moisturize in your lips so you won’t have to worry about your lips drying out.