Top 10 Types Of Mangoes In India

types of mangoes in India

Summer is here and so is the rising temperature. In this hot heat, everybody prefers to sit inside within the cool and comfy surroundings and thirstily anticipate the season to finish. You’ll say that the summer is that the worst season but you can’t deny the fact that it’s the time after you get to style ‘the King of Fruits, Mangoes! There are various types of mangoes, some of them are given below.

1. Alphonso, Devgad

Devgad is a common coastal village in the Sindhudurg district of the state of Maharashtra. This village is celebrated for its beach, harbor, and beacon created within the year 1915 at the Deogad fort. However, Devgad is majorly notable for its pure Alphonso mango cultivation. Alphonso is one among the foremost dear also as finest sorts of mangoes. Alphonso’s square measure is typically stated as ‘Hapus’ in the geographic region and Gujarat states. The mango also can be consumed directly once ripe and a favorite fruit in the Republic of India throughout summers.

2. Kesar, Junagadh

There are only a few cities within the state of Gujarat which supply the variety almost like that Junagadh offers to its guests. The abundance of the attractions of this city has been ruined through time. However, some are well-maintained by the government and are open for the public, also as tourists to visualize. The simplest factor to understand is that Junagadh is that ‘the Queen of Mangoes, Kesar’, is cultivated and distributed throughout the country.

3. Langra, Varanasi

Varanasi, additionally called Banaras is laced on the banks of watercourse Ganga within the state of Uttar Pradesh and is believed to be one among the oldest cities within the world. It’s typically referred to as the ‘Religious Capital of India’ and has been the cultural center of the country for a few years. Varanasi is amongst the foremost important pilgrim’s journey destinations and is visited by devotees all around the year. The delicious type of mango- ‘Langra’ or ‘Malda’ is cultivated in this city.

4. Chaunsa, Kurukshetra

Kurukshetra virtually means that ‘the field of righteousness’ isn’t solely chargeable for mythological history and Bhagavad sacred text. However, it is a place of cultivation of another known type of mango- ‘Chaunsa’. It is also the place where the historic battle of Mahabharatam transpires between the Kauravas and also the Pandavas. Kurukshetra could be a sacred place for Hindus and is flocked by several pilgrims and tourists all around the year.

5. Badami, Bagalkot

Badami is that the most well-liked mango type of the state of Mysore. It’s principally referred to because of the own Alphonso of the state. The style and texture of this mango are nearly almost like Alphonso. This is often the reason; it’s being likable by a large range of individuals. This mango got its name from the Badami, the town of Mysore. The simplest season to seek out Badami Mango is from April to July.

6. Safeda, Banganapalle

Another common name of Safeda Mango is Banganapalli. These mangoes are fully grown within the state, yellow with a slight tinge. These mangoes are fibreless and principally utilized in creating shakes. Safeda mangoes have the immense size and weigh around 350 grams per piece. These last in the market between the last week of March and July.

7. Totapuri, Southern India

This is a novel type of mango that’s immense in size and feels like a parrot, thus named. It’s having a pointed finish and cutis. The Totapuri mango is mostly cultivated in the southern part of India. It is additionally common within the western states like Gujarat and the geographic regions of Maharashtra.

8. Neelam, Pan India

This mango type of Neelam is cultivated in nearly every part of India. However, the best type of Neelam is full-grown within the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Though Neelam arrives terribly early within the mango season however the simplest variety of this mango is on the market solely from the second week of the month of June.

9. Dasheri, North India

Dasheri could be a juicy type of mango that’s principally full-grown in numerous components of the northern part of India and also parts Nepal and Pakistan. This mango initially appeared within the eighteenth century in the gardens of the “Nawab of Lucknow”. The mango is on the market since the sixth month and is incredibly common among Mango lovers, all thanks to its sweet style.

10. Himsagar, West Bengal

It is an exceptionally loved mango tracheophyte, that originated in Bengal. it’s the simplest among all mango cultivars within the world as per the style and aroma. Its sweet aroma and fragrance are just superb. This mango type doesn’t have any fiber and is sometimes medium-sized. Almost three-fourth of every mango is the pulp that makes it loved by all.


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