Top 10 Types Of Marketing You Should Know About


In simple words, marketing is how you get people to buy your product and recognise your brand. Of course, that’s speaking in very broad terms. Marketing comprises so many branches and specialisations with a multitude of people accomplishing different objectives.

Here are 10 of the most common types of marketing:

Traditional marketing

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Essentially, this refers to any marketing that doesn’t utilise the internet. So, for example – Print advertisements, billboards and television commercials. 

It’s called traditional marketing because this is how brands were advertised before the internet existed. 

Outbound marketing

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Print advertisements like brochures and pamphlets, billboards and television commercials are all outbound marketing. 

The name comes from the outward nature of the promotion: Outbound marketing forces you to notice the brand or product, even if you have no interest in it and are not the target audience. 

Inbound marketing

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Inbound marketing, however, is more covert and seductive. The aim here is to make sure the customer has a pleasant experience and finds the services on offer attractive. It’s more personal marketing, involving conversation and empathy. 

Modern digital marketing is an example of this. Email marketing, for example, can engage customers in a conversation even without physically interacting with them. 

Digital marketing

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Speaking of digital marketing, this is the marketing that utilises modernity. It involves the use of the internet and social media to find customers.

Search engine marketing, email marketing, content marketing. This all falls under the category of digital marketing, where a large concentration of modern marketing is being done. 

Search engine marketing

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An important part of digital marketing, search engine marketing, involves making your products or services visible on a search engine results page like google. This is done by leveraging search engine rankings and producing content optimised for ranking by the search engine’s index. 

Ad management also comes under search engine marketing and involves placing ads to rank your products higher for particular searches.

Content marketing

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An important part of getting your brand ranked on search engines is producing content. The more good content you publish, the more likely you are to attract interested customers.

This is because if you publish content about your product. With each piece of content ranking high enough on the search engines, you will cast a net wide enough to attract a whole horde of interested customers. 

Social Media marketing

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Another branch of digital marketing, Social media marketing, involves using social media to promote your brand. This has become easier with social media sites like Facebook and Instagram having inbuilt tools to help push content you are marketing with. 

The point is to relate to your target audience and show them the value of your product while they are relaxed and definitely not expecting it. 

Email marketing

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This marketing is the stuff that clogs up your inbox. It’s conversational, and it helps you connect to your customers. You can use it to promote deals or provide education. But it would help if you made sure that your customers open up their emails first, which can be hard. So this is a pretty specialised nook of marketing.

However, it is extremely effective at crafting brand loyalty and engaging with customers. So it’s an important investment.

Conversational marketing

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This can be promotional calls, email, in-store experiences, or even taste testing at the mall. Conversational marketing involves talking to the customer, establishing a rapport and a relationship.

This helps to build your customer’s trust and loyalty. After all, think about it – who do you prefer, a brand that left you on hold all day or super-fast customer service?

Influencer marketing

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A very new entrant to the marketing world, Influencer marketing is a shoot-off of social media marketing. It’s celebrity endorsement, normally over social media. It’s done by sending the product to a celebrity. These can be major celebrities or people with small social media followings.

The celebrity will then post about the product and this can increase publicity for your brand.