Top 10 Best Types Of Pasta That You Must Try


Who doesn’t love to eat pasta? Whether you have it with a pesto or alfredo sauce, it doesn’t matter. Food made of flour and eggs or water and molded into strings or other shapes, a.k.a. noodles, has been around for millennia. In one of the most well-known speculations of how pasta came to be in Italy, it is said that Marco Polo, the renowned Venetian adventurer, brought the noodles he found from China to Italy.

Pasta has become a restaurant favourite of many people. Pasta is the staple food of Italy and can be either fresh or dried. Dried pasta is usually produced commercially, whereas fresh pasta is made fresh and is usually handmade. Here, we will talk about Top 10 types of pasta used in the modern world because of its wide and diverse variety and the fact that there are over 100 types of pasta.


Penne is short cut pasta that is widely popular with pasta dishes and can be enjoyed with various types of pasta sauce. It is medium-sized pasta with a hollowed tube and has a diagonal end on both sides. The fact that they have a cylindrical shape allows the sauce they are added in to get inside the pasta, and the narrow version also allows the sauce to stick to its surface, making every bite of it rich and yummy!


Perhaps one of the most commonly used pasta globally, spaghetti reportedly originated in China and was imported to Venice by the popular merchant traveller Marco Polo. Spaghetti is a long, thin, and strand-like pasta that looks very similar to noodles or ramen. For dishes, usually, tomato and meat-based sauces are preferred with this type of pasta.


Fusilli is a short-cut pasta that is shaped in the form of a corkscrew. These types of pasta have a spiral shape, and the name comes from the Italian word Fuso which means spindle. Also, it is most commonly served with tomato sauce and cheese.


Tagliatelle is a long-length pasta from the regions of Emilia-Romagna and Marche in Italy. This pasta is shaped as flat ribbons and is quite similar to fettuccine. While it may be served with various sauces, the best option for this type of pasta is to serve it with meat or Bolognese sauce.


Fettuccini is a long pasta, and the name means little ribbons. The pasta has a long and thin shape similar to tagliatelle. It is more commonly used in Roman and Tuscan cuisine.


Garfield’s favourite pasta, lasagna, originated in Naples and is a medium-length pasta that is flattened and cut into rectangular shapes. Lasagna is usually eaten with layers of fillings of choice (various sauces, cheeses, and other ingredients), served as a casserole. At the same time, lasagna can also be served as small rolls or even soup.


Macaroni or known as Maccheroni in Italy, is pasta cut into small tubes. Maccheroni is commonly used in baked pasta dishes, soups, or tossed with cheese or vegetable sauces like in pasta alla norma. One of the most famous dishes made using macaroni is Mac and cheese.


Ravioli comes from the word “raviolo” derived from the word “ravvolto”, and that means “bundled up”. Ravioli are pasta cut into small rectangles filled with cheese, meats, or vegetables, and other assortments. Ravioli is usually served with a sauce or broth.


Gnocchi is pasta which is also a type of dumpling. Made from a mixture of dough, cheese, potatoes, and breadcrumbs, the mixture is beaten and cut into small pieces and cooked in boiling water. Gnocchi is mainly served as an entree but is sometimes served as a side, and it often features potatoes, spinach, ricotta, eggs, or cheese or pan-fried with butter and sage.


Vermicelli is long length pasta that has different shapes. In Italy, it is thicker than spaghetti whereas, in the USA and India, it is much thinner and is more delicate. As with other types of pasta, it is commonly served with a wide variety of sauces, both thick and thin.