Top 10 Types Of Pokemon People Are Crazy For


If you are a 90s kid, it will be a sin if you don’t know what Pokemon is, so for all the sinners, it is a Japanese media franchise. There are a total of 151 pokemon in the entire franchise, but we will talk only about the best one. So today, let’s see which are the top 10 types of pokemon people are crazy for!

1. Greninja

Greninja is the dual type pokemon and is also known as ninja pokemon. The reason why he is a dual-type Pokemon because he belongs to both the water and the dark category of Pokemon. His abilities include Torrent, Protean, Battle bond, Hydrokinesis, and secret ninja attack. This one can even be updated, to the ash Greninja form which, is way more Awesome!

2. Lucario

Lucario, even referred to as Aura Pokémon, has a very special ability that we all wish for, they can sense and manipulate Aura. For the ones who don’t know what Aura is a special kind of energy emitted by all living creatures. Ever since the Pokemon series, this one has been critically acclaimed all around the globe. Also, this one is kind-off an empath, if precisely trained, can even accurately identify the feelings and emotions of others over half a mile away.

3. Mimikyu

Mimikyu or Mimikkyu, also popularly known as the Disguise Pokemon, is a very small Pokemon that is hidden almost entirely underneath a disguise. He derived his name from the pun name mimic you that also refers to Pikachu. The prime reason why this one is under the Pikachus disguise, its because it wants to be friends with people. He is extremely lonely, and therefore he likes to emulate the popularity of Pikachu. The reason why it is on this list its because he can be a beast when required.

4. Charizard

Charizard also is known as Lizardon, as the name suggests this one is a lizard hybrid. His abilities include blaze, solar power, and flight. He is a monster that breathes fire and melts everything you can think of. But this beast even has some principles too he will never turn fiery breath on any opponent weaker than itself.

5. Umbreon

Umbreon belongs to the dark type, and its species is Moonlight Pokemon. It has a hidden ability of Inner force, that prevents the Pokémon from flinching. They are even pretty good at synchronizing therefore, they can paralyze, cause burn, or poison the opponent all at the same time. It has a sleek, black body with four slender legs and furious crimson eyes.

6. Sylveon

Sylveon is one of the most beautiful Pokemon you will come across, but don’t let its beauty fool you, it is equally dangerous. It has a white colored fur covered with most of its slender body. He appears to be a gentle and kind Pokemon, but it’s just a way to hunt the opponent. It can sense their master’s feelings hence, they can bring the intense battle at pause using its feelers to exude an aura of peace and tranquility.

7. Garchomp

Garchomp is the part of both dragon and ground type of Pokemon and is found primarily in dark blue color. It is as scary as it appears to be with all those scales and Clawson his body. It can sense its prey from a long distance. His mouth is featured, with sharp teeth and, it has spikes all over its shoulder and legs.

8. Rayquaza

Rayquaza is the master of the weather trio and is known to be one of the legendary and strongest Pokemon. He is an atmospheric beast that spends most of its time flying above the clouds in the ozone layer and for those on the ground, it will appear as a meteor. It has an elongated green serpentine body with yellow scales all over the body.

9. Gardevoir

Gardevoir is said to be of the psychic or fairy type pokemon, and physically can be described as humanoid sylph-like. They have two very special abilities; they can synchronize and trace. Synchronizing refers to passing on a Poisoned, Paralyzed, or Burned to the opponent whereas, trace refers to copying the opponent’s ability for the duration of the battle. Furthermore, they are even able to sense emotions, feelings, and also the future.

10. Gengar

Gengar or Gangar is a ghost type Pokemon that is a very mischievous and sometimes a malicious creature. He lives in shadows of rooms and dark places where shadows form. He is someone who loves to take delight in the victim’s fear and can lay curses on their foe. Their other abilities include licking victims with their tongue and paralyzing them. They are very lonely, therefore takes the lives of others to make friends.