Top 10 Ultimate Lemonade Brands In India


Lemonade, something we crave as soon as summer hits us, but there is no particular time to have this oh-so-refreshing drink. The time has come to discuss lemonade. The sweet and tangy drink is a regular summer favorite. While ordinarily made at home, some brands have come up with their variations on the summer classic. Here are the best Lemonade brands you can find in India.

Duke’s Lemonade

It is only appropriate to begin this list with the oldest lemonade brand in India. Duke’s Lemonade was first marketed in 1889 and has since proved itself as a mainstay. Founded in Mumbai and named after a cricket ball, this drink predates both the Coca-Cola and PepsiCo companies. 

While not widely available, it is also accompanied by three other flavours – raspberry soda, ice cream soda and ginger ale.

Cottons Lemonade

Another vintage, but more regional lemonade – Cottons is native to Kolkata. The soda is found in Garden Cafe Express in Keyatala near Hindustan Park and supposedly tastes a great deal like Limca.

Bisleri Limonata

On the other end of the age spectrum, this new fizzy lemonade is described as, “a stirring drink with the zingy taste of lime and mint”. Manufactured by the bottled water company Bisleri, this is a refreshing entrant into the soft drink market. The addition of mint setting the drink apart from its competitors, giving it an invigorating taste.

7UP Nimbooz Masala

In the same vein, the wildly popular 7UP brand expanded its range with the addition of the Masala Nimbooz lemonade. A take on the traditional Indian spiced lemonade, Shikanji. This fizzy, sweet, salty, and sour drink has managed to stay firmly on the shelves since its release in 2012.

Minute Maid Nimbu Fresh

Another expansion on the range of a popular brand, Minute Maid’s Nimbu Fresh sets itself apart by being one of the only widely available lemonades to contain lemon concentrate. As the name states it’s a fresh drink that serves the purpose of re-energizing your body without any of the extra added sugar or carbonation of a stereotypical lemonade.

RAW Pressery Aloe Vera Lemonade

A relatively new entrant in the Lemonade category, RAW Pressery makes all their juices with All Natural Ingredients, No Additives, and ingredients that are Familiar and Simple. This lemonade also has the added benefit of Aloe Vera and claims to be good for aiding digestion and weight loss. 

WILD Vitamin Drink Lemonade

A Vitamin Enriched, energizing drink perfect for someone leading an active and healthy life. This Non-Carbonated drink also has no sugar or artificial flavors. It is also made with the highest quality ingredients from around the world and is an optimized, healthy version of the average electrolyte drink.

Catch Pink Lemonade 

Categorized under their Juice Beverages, Catch Pink Lemonade is the company’s answer to the Pink Lemonade trend sweeping social media. The company boasts the right to call itself ‘the only bottled water in India that has been tested and certified to comply with the Food & Drug Administration (US) Code of Federal Regulations by NSF International-USA.’ While not widely available, the beverage is a non-carbonated lemonade with some added pink color and is definitely an eye-catcher.

Catch Clear Lemon N Lime Flavoured Water

The real star of Catch’s Lemon Flavoured offerings, the Clear Lemon and Lime Flavoured water is made from a mix of sparkling mineral water and natural fruit flavor. Sharp, Crisp, and Clear in taste, the drink is a standout, affordable offering for the brand. The mineral water used comes straight from the Himalayas and gives the drink a distinct ‘clear’ flavor.

Schweppes Lemonade

A classic mixer for alcoholic drinks, the Schweppes lemonade is made with a handcrafted, ancient recipe known only to a few. The drink has a distinct taste and is delightful both on its own and mixed in other drinks.