Top 10 Unanswerable Questions

unanswerable questions

These unanswerable questions deliberately manipulate the mind of a person. Nobody actually knows the answer to the problems; people try to solve them, which is exactly what we’ll try here.
Only the clever individuals or the people who think so can truly answer these.
Here’s a list of Top 10 questions that will make your mind slightly confused:

1. Why is boxing ring a square?

Because it is, don’t argue. *gives up* We are really waiting for a smart and sensible answer.

2. Why is the time of day with the slowest traffic called rush hour?

Because everyone wants to rush home for their dinner, or so they don’t miss that TV show. But in reality, it just never happens.

3. Why do you need a driver’s license to buy alcohol when you can’t drink and drive?

I mean, a passport also works. But it’d be a lot worse if a pilot was drink driving! *insert meme- AAJ GAADI TERA BHAI CHALAEGA*

4. Why is it that when you’re driving and looking for an address, you turn down the volume on the radio?

It helps you concentrate! Although I’m sure more concentration is needed when driving fast… hmmm.

5. Why is it that rain drops but snow falls?

Because snow is heavier than rain? That actually sounds like a good answer, right?!

6. If someone with multiple personalities threatens to kill himself, is it considered a hostage situation?

Wow, I’m going to say no. It’s just a weird situation.

7. If you enjoy wasting time, is that time really wasted?

Does anybody really enjoy wasting time? They might enjoy doing nothing, but sometimes that’s not a waste of time.
But to answer my own question, no.

8. What orange came first, the color or the fruit?

Um, pretty lost here. Someone please help!! *screams in confused*

9. What color is a mirror?

Is mirror a color? It should be! That’s my attempt to answer this question anyway. But like I said, sometimes intelligent people do answer them.

10. If drinking and driving is not allowed, why clubs and bars have parking lots?

For Cabs? for professional drivers? The answer is still unknown.