Top 10 Amazing Ways to Propose Your Significant Other


Hello, lovelies and love birds. It is the time of love, wishing to confess your feelings? Don’t worry, here is a list of the top 10 ways you can propose your significant one and make them all yours forever after.

Book a place

Who doesn’t love a separate and reserved place to spend time with their special one? It is a perfect space to convey your feelings and propose to your partner. You can also arrange some music and flowers to top the cake with a cherry. It creates an awesome mood and no one can deny such a wonderful proposal. I am sure your partner will appreciate your love and can’t deny it.

Decorate your space

For those who cannot afford to book a private place, don’t worry here is a solution. After all, all that matters is your true love. Even though you low-key passionately decorate your space, your “The One” will not be able to neglect your hard work. You can add up the decoration by filling your room with photos of your wonderful moments and memories.

Plan a picnic

Picnic is a perfect plan to take your friendship one step forward. Plan a lovely spot where your can witness beautiful sunrise or sunset. Such a wonderful moment will be perfect to pop out a ring and propose to your partner. Nature widens one’s way of thinking and it will be difficult to deny your such a lovely proposal. Gifting some lovely flowers would be supporting and make it more special.

Invite for Sunday brunch

A lovely brunch on Sunday afternoon, loaded with delicious food is just a treat. After all the route to your heart passes through the stomach, it will be irresistible to deny such a lovely proposal feast. Don’t worry your partner will surely appreciate such wonderful efforts, I mean who wouldn’t? Top the brunch with some romantic music, it will surely head up the moment.

Invite for your family dinner

Proposal with permission of your parents is just so perfect and wonderful. All you need is your parent’s support, the permission of your partner’s parents, a beautiful ring, and a lovely dinner plan. What a perfect plan to propose under your parent’s permission. Your partner won’t be able to refuse this offer, trust me

Your proposal movie

I know it’s a little bit high profile but it’s worth trying. You can make a short film of your life story and premiere it in theatre with your friends and family as an audience. And in the end, getting a perfect moment to confess your feelings. Believe me, it’s an awesome experience to see your moments as a movie and take it to a next level.

Get the help of your neighbors

Again a low-budget but effective way to propose your partner. All you need is to convince your neighbors to put a big “I love you” sign on their window and turn off the lights. Not so expensive but an effective one. Imagine a romantic night you both are walking back home and you turn the moment into a wonderful proposal.

Trip to first place you meet each other

Again a not-so-expensive but memorable way to propose to your partner at the place where you first met. You can make arrangements at that place before your visit and surprise your subordinate. What a lovely way to confess your love at the very place where you meet each other for the first time.

Proposal banner

This is also a very special and worth a try way to propose to your partner. For this one, you need proposal banners or you can ask the help of your friends to carry them. Kneel in front of your partner in Bollywood style and voila your partner is all yours. Try writing loving dialogues or catchy dialogues on the banners.

Proposal in sky

This is a little bit expensive but a unique way to propose to your partner. You need to book a helicopter ride and arrange a big “I love you” piece of land. So as your helicopter flies above that land, you can propose your partner in the air. This is a very unique way to propose someone and heartwarming. To invite someone wonderful in your life, this big-budget plan is worth it.