Top 10 Web Browsers For Internet Surfing

web browsers

Web browsers are something every one of us comes across because we live in an era where every question we come across is solved online. There is the number of browsers we use online but, we must use the best, the one that has prime speed, privacy, and customization. So to help you out, here are the top 10 web browsers you can try out yourself!

1. Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is known to be the favorite browser used by people, that is available in Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. Its version 72 specifically, is the most popular one since it has some excellent features. That includes blocking unnecessary notification on their own, it even blocks fingerprinting browser tracking, and it brings its picture in picture video mode to the Mac version. Even though 2019, wasn’t a good year for them but they haven’t lost our trust yet.

2. Microsoft Edge

The second one up on the list is Microsoft Edge, it is extremely fast and, is equipped with crystal clear privacy tools. Microsoft Edge was not one of the popularly used browsers, but it ultimately did rose to power and even overlooked Google chrome. Originally, it is Windows’ default browser, and there are also versions for iOS, Android, and Mac. It may look like Chrome, function a bit like it too, but you will like it more than Chrome.

3. Google Chrome

Available in Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS, Google Chrome is loaded, with some crazy features such as speedy performance, very expandable in nature, and much more. I know some of you must be wondering why it is in the third position and not on the first, well we do have an explanation for it. The only drawback for google is that it can resource hungry. Firefox beats Chrome in privacy, on the other hand, Edge is nicer to spend time on.

4. Safari

Safari is an inbuilt web browser for macOS and iOS devices, is comprehensive and offers many unique features, in order to support and integrate a Mac and an iPhone. Over the years the performance and features, of the Safari browser have been improved effectively, especially the mobile version. Their updated version includes in-house and third-party extensions to improve productivity.

5. Opera

Opera is known to be one of the classiest browsers that are ideal for collecting content. It is built in proxy, has great security features, and a really nice interface. All over it is a great browser but just a little tip if you are a gamer you should check out Opera GX instead. One of the most loved features of this browser was Opera turbo, but sadly it isn’t around anymore, leading to Opera’s downfall.

6. Vivaldi

Available in Windows, macOS, Linux, Android (beta), Vivaldi is an independent browser with unique docking and tab-stacking. Its features include being incredibly customizable, it has creative interface features, and even supports Chrome extensions. It’s an ideal choice for power users who know exactly, what they want and how they want it to work.

7. Avast secure browser

Avast secure browser is created, with the giving utmost importance to security in mind. The developers her i.e avast are experts in antivirus applications and security purposes. But apart from the security aspects, they are extremely great with the speed, too. This one even has a unique bank mode feature that protects the user against a potentially hijacked host or network.

8. Tor browser

Tor browser tends to keep security in mind and enables you to defend yourself and, keep yourself protected against tracking, surveillance, and censorship. It offers its users a whole suite of online security tools. They are said to be on a determined mission of gaining private access to the uncensored web for everyone, so a must-try for all the wild nerdy minds out there.

9. Maxthon

Maxthon is a fairly fast and secure browser that offers its users various in-house features developed by its parent company. It comes with an ad-blocker by default, offering dedicated reader mode, night mode, screen-capture tool, and various other customization features. So, you won’t need to have an extension, unlike Chrome and Firefox.

10. Brave Browser

The last on here is the Brave browser, compared to the other ones on the list it is a relatively new browser. It put security on for the front on is based on the Chromium project. Its core efficiently functions by blocking ads, tracking cookies, and any other kind of surveillance. It is known to be eight times faster than Chrome, and firefox but since it is new it is going take much more than that to get out trust on them.