Top 10 Workcation Destinations For Your Next Trip


If you love and enjoy vacations and don’t want to leave your work every time you decide to have some time for yourself, then workcation destination is exactly what you need to know about. A workcation means doing your work away from home and enjoying new adventures and experiences at the same time. Just imagine that you work for the whole day on your laptop and still can enjoy the epic breathtaking view of mountains, beaches, rainforests, and get natural fresh air. Or once your work is complete you can enjoy beach surfings or have something from the local restaurants to munch on. All these ideas work very well if you exactly know where to go, so here is a list of top 10 workcation destinations.

1. Mexico

For all beach lovers, this would be your first choice. Here you can work with the most refreshing beach view, munching on some margarita after work. Some resorts offer free wifi and other needed facilities to get your work done smoothly and on time. This workcation destination is not much crowded especially Puerto Escondido and Zicatela areas. There is a wide range of beaches from bigger intimidating to the smaller paradises. I bet! You won’t regret going here

2. Singapore

Almost all of us have Singapore on our travel list for once in a lifetime. But do you know, that it can undoubtedly prove to be the most promising workcation destination? Although this place needs a high budget, you have will not run out of fun and other facilities for your work. This place holds some most luxurious hotels, dinings and shopping places. Singapore is a place to spend money but you can make money as well by making it your workcation destination.

3. Colorado

Colorado Springs from Colorado should be your choice of workcation destination if you adore mountain views and high altitude atmosphere. The mountain resorts here, despite high altitude location, serve excellent connectivity and you will never fall short of it. In between your work, you can take out time for small mountain activities like raffling, mountain climbing, etc. For all working minds craving adventure, this workcation spot should be your next stop.

4. California

San Diego of California is located on the Northern border of Mexico and south to LA. This place is most people’s admired destination both for working and also for trips. You can enjoy the lovely beaches and get some surfing done in between your work. If you are a true foodie, then this place with its variety of food and flavors will make your taste buds dance. If you are a coffee shop lover then truly San Diego is your place.

5. Thailand

A place in Thailand called Phuket can become your next workcation stop because it offers you some best of the best scenery, great weather, and relatively fast internet speed. If you can’t choose between mountains, beaches, and rainforests then you should definitely visit this place. Thailand is called a “ photographer’s dream destination” because of its incredible connectivity of resorts, spas, and restaurants. Working and playing can be best combined in Thailand’s atmosphere.

6. Dubai

The United Arab Emirates or Dubai will also require a relatively higher budget than other destinations. When you make it a workcation, you also earn while spending it. Dubai is already very famous as a workcation spot for years as people from different nations stay here for a considerable time and get their work done. As a workcation destination, it can offer you hot air balloon rides at sunrise, long desert tours, and a lot more.

7. Bali

Canggu from Bali is a huge nomad hub for lots of business professionals and so can fit best for a workcation. This workcation venue is loaded with a lot of good food that satisfies your tongue, tons of activities that you would love to do with your family, and also get your work done smoothly. Being a nomad hub, there are no network issues here. In fact, you can meet new people here who work in the same field as yours and do the exact same thing. Enjoying vacation, doing work, and making new friends can be the highlights here.

8. Germany

Berlin is the capital city of Germany. If you are a history lover then this place is definitely your next workcation hub. Along with its mighty history, this city offers you a lot more to explore. You can try different varieties of beer while doing your work without any network disturbances. With many historical places, you get a variety of tour views where you can just walk and enjoy the place. In between your work, small bike rides with the amazing view can be a mood changer.

9. Brazil

Rio de Janeiro from Brazil has gained popularity because of its amazing beaches and oceans. You can work in an amazing beachside hotel set up and in the evening you can stroll by the coast and watch sunsets. Its amazing view grants you some amazing pictures and clicks. Brazilians have a very friendly nature and you will make some new friends there. I assure you that Rio de Janeiro’s workcation will be beyond your expectations.

10. Colombia

Cartagena of Colombia has wonderful beaches and a very easy-going atmosphere. Working at Cartagena beach will become a memory worth living again and again. The internet connectivity is just fine but probably won’t interfere with your working to an extent. Most importantly if you don’t have much in your pocket and still need a workcation, then Colombia should be your next try. Not so costly but still a very very soothing experience is what this workcation destination means.