Top 10 YouTube Video Genres


Every day more than 1 billion hours of YouTube content is being watched. So basically a lot of YouTube video content is being consumed. but some genres rule the audience’s hearts and minds more than the others. You must have come across various genres of video content via Youtubers such as unboxing, product reviews, music, DIYs, and much more. So today, let us find out the top 10 YouTube video genres.

1. Music

Bollywood music is voraciously consumed by the Indian audience! That can be seen in YouTube videos as comes as a no-brainer that the top spot for most like genre was being held by a music channel. According to the latest statistics, Music gains more than garnered 126.02 billion views each year.

2. Entertainment

With over 107.9 billion views, Entertainment is the second most popular YouTube category. Entertainment channels Sony Entertainment Television and Zee TV have grabbed their respective positions in this genre. Together, their combined viewership was 31.8 billion. Since these channels feed to the entertainment necessities of the whole family, they have become a household name amongst the people.

3. Film & Animation

As we reach the third category, the viewership slides way below than the 100-billion mark that we have seen in the first two categories. The film genre has made it to the third position in this list with 38.7 billion views. Some of the popular names in this category are Dharma Productions, Ultra Bollywood, and others. If you go to these channels, you’ll find movie trailers, movie scenes, Bollywood songs, and behind-the-scenes videos.

4. News & Politics

This genre attracts massive attention not just on television but on digital media as well. It does not come as a surprise that major news channels have come up with their own YouTube channels to keep their digital audience informed about the current affairs of the country and the world. Some of the top news channels like AajTak and ABP News have made a mark in both the TV and digital space. it is no wonder, this genre grabs the fourth spot.

5. Kids

Kids channels have made it to the fifth spot. Even though the target group is not kids themselves, these channels have found lucrative ways to reach out to the parents. Old nursery rhymes have been given a brand new flavor by playing with animation and graphics that appeal to the tech-savvy kids and parents alike.

6. Comedy

Many independent content creators have been making a mark on the YouTube scene, comedy has made its way in this list. not only independent content creators but many big production companies have also joined youtube and the competition in the comedy genre has just skyrocketed. This genre attracts a lot of attention every year.

7. Education

With more than 7.1 billion views, Education makes it to the seventh spot on this list. Educational channels will generally take complex and informative topics or ideas and simplify them in more entertaining and thought-provoking ways. Most of the time, they have a niche audience like college or school students or those preparing for entrance exams and interviews.

8. HowTo & Style

HowTo videos teach you how to do a specific task by demonstrating the process. It’s obviously a super popular category and it comes as no surprise that this has grabbed its spot in this list. It’s an exciting genre with Makeup, life hacks, styling, and lots more in its kit.

9. People & Blogs

As ‘Vlogging’ is picking up pace, this category is becoming the next big thing. With over 5.2 billion views steered mostly by YouTube influencers who share their life with people through their YouTube channels, this category also boasts of motivational speakers, people who speak on personal growth. Creative professionals like dancers and singers also come under this category.

10. Animation

This genre is driven by modern-day animation technologies and this specific genre has managed to grab 4.4 billion views. Animated characters like SpongeBob & friends, Ninja Turtles, Powerpuff Girls, and others have made this genre a hit with kids and adults alike. Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and Wow Kidz Action are some of the channels that have brought this category to the list of top video genres on youtube.