Top 10 Yummy Indian Snacks That People Love

Indian Snacks That People Love

India is a country of culture, heritage, tradition, food and travel. Life feels wholesome here. People across the world travel to India for various purposes. Some travel for pilgrimage, some for salvation and travel purposes and one thing every traveller would have to say about India is its delicious food and, most importantly, the snacks. These snacks are not only loved by travellers but by natives also. Indian snacks are the yummiest, easy to make and don’t even require fancy or expensive ingredients. From Samosas to Bhelpuri to Idli, we have prepared a list of 10 such Yummy Indian snacks that people love!


We have all grown up eating samosas from our favourite sweet shop and oh-so-sweet memories of childhood creeping in. Samosa – delightful tightly packed triangles full of aloo & matar serving and a crispy maida covering. It is a delightful treat when eaten with green and ‘meethi’ chutney. They originated in Central Asia several centuries ago, and their shape is inspired by the great pyramids there. Samosas can be enjoyed all over India. The filling changes from location to location like Hyderabadi samosas have a lot of onion filling in them, contrary to North Indian samosas but delicious.


Dhokla or Khaman Dhokla, the heart of Gujarat, is an easy snack made out of Besan and Rava served with green chutney. It has an amazing texture and appetizing flavour, and surprisingly they are very easy to make. The best part is that they are quick to make and can be made in a microwave oven. Dhokla is an aromatic and tasty snack. Dhoklas made in a microwave oven do not require to be fermented and steamed for long periods. Fluffy dhoklas are a dream!


Kachori is like the OG North Indian street food and a homely snack. They have been originated in Rajasthan. Kachoris are round, flattened ball made of flour and filled with moong dal, onions, salt and spices. The most famous Kachoris are from Jaipur called ‘Pyaaz ki Kachori’, which have browned onions. Similarly, another tasty Kachori is from Jodhpur, Rajasthan, called Mawa Kachori, dipped in Mawa, dry fruits and Khoya.


Bhelpuri is a very famous snack hailing from the Western part of India, especially Maharashtra. Made with puffed rice, lemon juice squeezed in it, finely chopped onions, tomatoes, and many spices mixed in it. Usually, street vendors sell bhelpuri, but it is quite easy to make at home as well. It is a low calorie and low effort snack yet so good for the tastebuds. Also called as ‘beach snack’.


Vadapav, yet another yummy snack from Maharashtra, consists of a potato dumpling dipped in Besan batter and then deep-fried, served in a bun cut through the middle, best enjoyed with chutney and green chilli. It is like a snack you can eat on the go, and people from other parts of Indian crave it because the best Vadapavs are only available in Maharashtra.


Mathri or Mathiya is a snack that can be stored in the container once made because the shelf life is long. It is made from maida, ajwain (carom seeds), and salt made into a dough and best enjoyed with tea. It can be fried and baked. Although, the real texture comes when it is fried.


Pakode, tea and rain is the best combination ever. When it thunders and rains, the first thing that comes to your mind is some hot piping parodies. Aloo pakode, pyaaz pakode, paneer pakode, Mirchi pakode: literally anything can be made into a pagoda if you have a creative mind. It is a snack that feels home. Vegetables are chopped and coated in besan batter and then deep-fried: what a delicacy.

Pav Bhaji

Hailing from Maharashtra, Pav Bhaji is fast food and a snack that most people enjoy. Pav is a bun or soft bread roll, and Bhaji is a spicy vegetable curry with lots of onion and butter floating on the surface. The authentic Pav Bhaji can only be found in Maharashtra.

Poha(One of the universal Indian Snacks)

Poha, often eaten for breakfast or as an evening snack, is basically flattened rice, onion, spices, groundnuts and herbs. The word ‘poha’ is flattened rice. It is a wholesome and healthy snack with good carbohydrate, iron, fibre and vitamins.


Idli is a soft, steamed, savoury cake made from rice and lentil batter. It hails from south India and is a staple food for them. But for a lot of other people, it is a yummy snack. It’s so fresh, healthy and delicious. It can be served with a variety of chutneys and Sambar.