Top 10 Alluring Zara Perfumes For Women


Over the past years, Zara has come up with over 500 perfumes. Don’t let Zara stop you from trying, though. Finding a pleasant fragrance for yourself will be easy if you know what you’re searching for. There is one thing one needs to understand that before choosing a Zara perfume. With costs as low as $5 (Approx ₹400), you will not get the perfume that will stay long. Read this list with an open mind, and, surely one fragrance will stand out for you! Keep reading to find out which Zara perfumes suit your preferences and are deserving of your attention.

Zara Rose

Zara Rose Eau de Toilette contains peony, blackcurrant, and rose, henceforth “Rose.” This floral scent is very light and gives a feminine, casual and friendly touch. The scent is fresh when applied, and the rose becomes more prominent as it dries out. It is the perfect aroma for a young gal. You can use it daily and wear it to work or school, as it’s not intense. Rose is among Zara’s fragrances with the best staying-long power, but it doesn’t smell very far and stays close to the skin.

Zara Wonder Rose

Zara Wonder Rose is a fruity fragrance with vanilla and musk at the base, rose and cedar in the middle, and peach and red berries at the head. This one is sweet and enjoyable. It’s just heavy enough to be worn in the autumn, but it is also fit for all other seasons. The scent of vanilla shows up after the dry down, making the scent very girly and kind. The longevity is not that great. The perfume can be strong to some, but it’s not offensive if sprayed moderately.

Zara Orchid

Zara Orchid is the perfect feminine fragrance, with bergamot, orchid, and vanilla. Imagine stepping out of the shower on a hot day with the fragrance so fresh and energizing. Zara Orchid is perfect for the warmer days, in spring and summer. The scent is pleasant with moderate sillage. The people around you will only be able to smell the aroma for the first hour of application. Then, it settles closer to the skin. The longevity could be better as the fragrance stays on for about 6 hours. From the price point of view, it is a great purchase!

Zara Grey Soul

The perfume’s slogan “Grey is the perfect neutral” says it all. That statement says that it all. The perfume contains salt, green apple, and musk. The fragrance is fresh and crispy. It is something you can wear on a boat ride or for dinner at the beach. It doesn’t last long, but it is not meant to! Imagine walking the streets of a little beach. You feel a warm breeze. The fragrance itself conveys a feeling of calmness and leisure.

Zara Oriental

Oriental by Zara is a flowery fragrance for women, with caramel, musk, and patchouli at the bottom. Head notes of freesia, rose, and bergamot adds a fresh feel to the smell. The Eau de Toilette opens up with citrus and wood and dries down with a scent of vanilla and caramel. The fragrance is sensual and oriental, making it perfect for a date or drinks with your buddies. If you want to explore with seductive scents but aren’t ready to spend, Zara Oriental might be the one!

Zara Rose Gold

Don’t confuse the Rose Gold with Zara Rose. The scents are quite different! The perfume might be overwhelming at first, but it dries into a nice gardenia aroma. Rose Gold offers a flowery scent. It’s perfect for a summer night in the company of friends and family. The smell is harmless, though unreal. If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, this fragrance won’t do it for you. On the plus side, the longevity is decent, so that you can expect some kudos from your date!

Zara 8.0

8.0 is a fragrance for men, but women can easily pull it off. The cologne has a musky centre with cedar and amber. The top fragrance features a splash of melon, mint, and violet, and the middle ones are watery and fresh. The perfume is not attractive, but it’s certainly original and summery. Zara 8.0 wearers say that the scent is inoffensive and easy. It’s something you would use if you didn’t want to go too hard but wanted to smell nice.

Zara Tuberose

Tuberose comes in feminine packaging. The fragrance is cool and citrusy, with pomelo, cassis, lemon, mandarin orange, musk, and sandalwood. The scent is simple and clean, perfect for days when you cannot decide. Throw Tuberose on and enjoy your day! While most of the contents are fresh, the vanilla adds a bit of coziness to the fragrance, making it appropriate for the colder months. The longevity and sillage are mediocre; you might need to re-apply the fragrance again and again.

Zara Femme

Femme by Zara is an oriental odour with musk, vanilla, and patchouli at the bottom and sandalwood and tonka bean at the core. Topped by notes of bergamot and peony, which adds a floral scent to the fragrance. Many compare it with Hypnotic Poison by Christian Dior. It’s perfect for your romantic evenings with your partner. This fragrance lasts a little longer than other Zara smells; it will stay on the skin for about 8 hours.

Zara Red Vanilla

Zara is a big fan of sweet scents, and Red Vanilla is no reservation. The fragrance is fruity with layers of pear, black currant, and iris. It gains a little spicy touch of vanilla, patchouli, and praline. The fragrance is nostalgic of La Vie Est Belle by Lancome. It is not the perfect perfume for every day when you don’t want to sink your colleagues and wear a fragrance too strong. Unfortunately, you need to re-apply in 3 hours as it does not last that long. However, the performance of Red Vanilla is not that bad given at that price.